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  1. Shannon Sharpe is on air every Monday at that time...”my guy”. Of course he knew he was on tv. You assume I’m hurt and worked up. I want a resolution so we can get to winning and have positive coverage. You also point to exceptions to the rule. Of course you can name 3 to 4 players to be wearing other teams gear, but you don’t see it often. I’m this context it is disrespectful. These things should be handled internally, if possible. How many players have you seen say “I’m out of there” on national tv? Not many. Take care buddy
  2. I agree 1000%. He’s close friends with T.O. for a reason. We will be just fine, possibly better, with him out of here.
  3. He went on national television and he said he was out of here. He was photographed in a cowboys hoodie. He was videotaped working out with Derrick Henry. The franchise doesn’t need this with the new regime. Most of the country still remembers us as the 28-3 Super Bowl team. We don’t get much coverage nationally. Now, we’re the team that ppl want to leave. His desire to leave is completely fine. It is disrespectful however that he publicly distancing himself.
  4. Falcons franchise has treated Julio with the utmost respect. He hasn’t returned it. He even went as far as publicly insulting the franchise on national television. At this point, trade him to a sorry franchise and move on. We should not reward such behavior. He can catch 3 tds a season elsewhere.
  5. We’ll be fine without him. I thinking Baker without Odell type of production.
  6. I completely agree. Julio’s lack of touchdowns has been overlooked for a while. Team will be just fine without him.
  7. Get Julio out of here. No disrespect to the Falcons organization, especially publicly, will be tolerated.
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