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  1. Nice to have a game starting at a good time over here in England, hopefully the braves can get the win they need
  2. I completely get your frustrations at having the game played in London but speaking as a English based falcon fan of over 18 years I am so happy my Atlanta Falcons/hawks/Braves mad 6 year old son will have a chance to see the falcons in the flesh. Before the pandemic hit we where saving to come over to Atlanta for a game but sadly the virus has made that not possible for the foreseeable future but we will start saving again as soon as our business picks up. We can’t wait to get to Atlanta one day. On the other hand as a Manchester City fan and season card holder I can imagine how annoyed
  3. I know we are aren’t the most patient fan base but I hope if he does come in we give pees a chance
  4. Cancelling the scheduled Detroit meeting for today isn’t exactly a great move if he is intent on playing the field.
  5. Interestingly Arthur Smith is interviewing tomorrow with the lions so maybe he was Holmes’ guy and Brady is indeed Fontenot’s preference. Or maybe I’m reading too much into all this...
  6. I don’t buy he is our first choice personally, if we where so high on him I doubt we would let him hop straight on a plane to New York. Expect us to interview a few more candidates for a second time before we finally make our decision.
  7. Won’t really change much as we can’t announce anything official until either rams or the other team lose. I do find it interesting that holmes has gone in person to Detroit however for the second interview. Think Fontenot is our guy
  8. Anyone know who Rick smith would likely choose as HC?
  9. With Fontenot having a second interview at the broncos and Holmes flying into Detroit today to meet with the lions we may have the choice made for us. I’m good with either guy tbh both are young and will no doubt bring fresh eyes as well as a hunger to succeed. i just hope whoever comes in gets Brady as HC
  10. Has it been confirmed Fontenot is interviewing with us a second time today anywhere? Can see he is with the broncos but can’t see anything in regards to the falcons?
  11. Would like to think/hope the fact Fontenot would be involved in choosing the HC would make us a more attractive option rather than being forced to work with Vic Fangio
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