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  1. I swear that TD was our first red zone TD in years
  2. How did the Bucs get so good in just one season? Was it Brady's addition? Or did they have really good OL and DL before Brady got there? I guess I'm trying to understand if TB was the catalyst OR if they were still competitive without him
  3. Someone tell me how to feel and how to quickly overreact
  4. I think people severely underestimate the importance of time. This is an entirely new coach, with an entirely new cultural philosophy and playbook. We can't expect the team to have wins right away or start to look competent. What is important is seeing weekly progress. That's how grit and winning is built. Bill Walsh never won in his first season but he always preached the importance of rigor and practice. I see a lot of that in our team. Who the **** knows, maybe after the bye week we go on a run. Temper your expectations, give the team room to breathe. Experience the emotions but never give up on your team. One day we will get to the glory land and nothing will top that feeling.
  5. I wasn't expecting to win today. But I'm really happy with how much better we looked compared to last week. Baby steps - can't expect this team to have overnight success. Gotta take it week by week and temper our expectations until we start seeing consistent good plays and fewer mistakes
  6. Can we go wrong with drafting any Lincoln Riley coached QB? Baker, Kyler, Jalen are all balling out.
  7. I really hate the Mayfield pick. He's 3 round for FFS - having 3 false start and giving up 3 sacks is some UDFA ****. Why didn't we draft someone like Creed Humphrey and move Hennessy to LG? We aren't even playing our 2nd round pick - that's huge draft capital to be wasted on a second round pick that's not even a starter
  8. 100% agree with this. On top of that, we still have the DQ and Dimitroff stench - that should take a year or two to go away culturally. In addition, it's crazy what constant losing can do to the morale of players. A good parallel is whenever you have new leadership within a company, it will take atleast 6-9 months to get everyone on the same page. New offense, new defense, new culture, new players with mediocre talent - idk why we ever expected this to be a quick turnaround.
  9. He was the lone bright spot in the sh*t storm this weekend. That was arguably our best run game since idk when.
  10. I think the key term is "early." He's saying he wish he got them involved early. I think he was trying to make adjustments in the second half but it was too late because we got really far behind. You go into halftime and second half withe new expectations and plan but need to change it half way because its not going according to your plan anymore. Hence the one-dimensionality. Maybe we should've been more risky and let Matty Ice sling it but our OL was a disaster
  11. Ryan is not the problem but he was definitely not great yesterday. Sure our OL sucked, had some ****ty playcalling in the second half but in the few snaps where we did have good protection, he made some bone-headed throws and decisions. He also played with no pocket presence (the few times we had one). A lot of this can be attributed to him losing confidence and playing scared/conservative late in the game but its not right to fully absolve Matty Ice of any issues. I love Matt and I'm glad he's our QB but he wasn't necessarily the start quarterback he needed to be yesterday in a ****ty situation. Maybe I expect more from him
  12. If he wanted to generate hype, they would've drafted Fields. ATL would've thought he was Vick's second coming
  13. This is what happened in the dirty birds season, we went 7-9 and then 14-2. But if there's anything I've learned from watching the Dorktown series, we are either in for a crazy ******* rise and a massive collapse or an utter disaster. But I'll root for this team till the end. RISE THE **** UP BABY. WIN OR LOSE ITS MY FALCONS
  14. Is it just me or does it feel like we will have a team that's actually prepared on day 1? With DQ, it didn't ever feel like the team was ready until bye week. It felt all of training camp was used to build up confidence with vanilla plays. This training camp feels different. Full of competition, building depth, fundamentals. Idk feels different
  15. Frankly a lot of it was also DQ's mentality of next man up. He put a lot of onus on the players doing their jobs right which is fine but I don't think they were coached properly or put in a place that plays well to their strengths. Pees whole spiel has been about versatility and putting players where they can succeed. In a podcast with Grady and Ray Lewis, Ray mentions how one of the greatest things about Pees is he pulls you in before game planning and takes your feedback in to account in designing the scheme and putting you as a player where you want to be. You can't say "execute" better without giving them the platform to execute well. I'm so ******* happy we don't have to deal with that predictable Cover 3, next man up ********
  16. I'm ready for the pain, almost gloy-redemption followed by more pain arc. Despite all the crazy ****, I ******* love being a falcons fan.
  17. Too real. What was TD thinking signing Fowler and Gurley. TD has never been great at pro FA signing but mostly good with draft. The only few good FA signings I can think of are Mack, Turner, and Matt Bryant. Maybe Sanu also. Hope TF can find his complement on the draft side.
  18. ****. Roddy's got no CHILL. That said, I agree with him. I'd also say Fields feels like a more mobile Jameis/Mariota.
  19. Matt never the consistency that most of these coaches had. Dalton played most of his career under Lewis. Marino under Shula, Brady under Belichick, Brees under Payton. Give the man some consistency. He's ******* bounced around but ALWAYS delivers by putting up yards. You can't compare them like that. Compare the mechanics, sure, but winning is a team and coaching effort. Matt has shown time and time again he can deliver but always gets let down with his team. The one year he had a top ten defense, he took us to playoffs with a first time NFL playcaller (2017). In 2018, he produced like his MVP year but DQ shat the bed as usual and then we hired Dirk. Matt's a ******* G
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