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  1. It also depends on the scheme. Shanny's scheme worked really well because the play/run formations worked off of each other. Blocking assignments and the plays being called were probably easier for the OL to understand and execute. Hope we get that same mental model back
  2. Good, he seems better at winning and building a system than coming up with slogans and marketing. DQ: "I'm fired up to build out our brotherhood and I'm excited as h e l l to start winning with our young men." AS: "**** yo ****. No one escapes my wrath until we win"
  3. It blows my mind how many people clamor for new QB and treat it as the silver bullet. Half the ******* league is running around trying to lock down a consistent QB. Matty Ice is a ******* tank that can throw dimes
  4. This is so accurate. Everyone ****ting on ATL while they make their livelihood here. I think once have a SB win or consistent playoff appearances we will get a passionate, loyal base. Last 3 years and all the lost leads really ****** us.
  5. Yea LOL. Why is this being attributed to Quinn. Quinn's **** is brotherhood. We've had rise up for a while and I think its a great motto. Why all the hate for it?
  6. Can you help me understand the hype behind Munchak?
  7. [CanGuardMike]: Ima sTanD mY oWn gRoUnd sOmeOne pLaY wIth mE
  8. Here's another new breakdown: Its about to be Matty Dime szn
  9. I'm really excited to not know WTH is going on the field besides matty ice dimes and Julio/Rid catches. DK so vanilla that my madden playin *** can figure out what hes doing
  10. +1 any QB would struggle in long-developing plays and route concepts. Long routes are fine if we have a balanced run game to keep the defense guessing. But even me, sitting on my couch, could tell what DK was calling.
  11. Not sure if you're joking but we played amazing under him. We had a top 10 defense with him as the DC
  12. Yea that's a great way to put it. We never had an offensive identity under Koetter so decided to make a flashy signing in FA. One of the more boneheaded decisions of TD/DQ.
  13. Yea definitely not saying that type of back is what we should go down but I am curious if he will function well in a system like Tennessee. Ultimately comes down to the strengths of our OL and the type of system Artie is envisioning but point taken
  14. What's everyone's take on Qadree? He seems to fit the mold of Henry and his college tape looks pretty solid. Hope he gets more chances with Artie
  15. What about Ollison? He has a similar physical make up of Henry. Too bad DK never gave him a chance to figured how to use him. His college tape is pretty good. Hope he gets a chance with Artie
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