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  1. Too real. What was TD thinking signing Fowler and Gurley. TD has never been great at pro FA signing but mostly good with draft. The only few good FA signings I can think of are Mack, Turner, and Matt Bryant. Maybe Sanu also. Hope TF can find his complement on the draft side.
  2. ****. Roddy's got no CHILL. That said, I agree with him. I'd also say Fields feels like a more mobile Jameis/Mariota.
  3. Matt never the consistency that most of these coaches had. Dalton played most of his career under Lewis. Marino under Shula, Brady under Belichick, Brees under Payton. Give the man some consistency. He's ******* bounced around but ALWAYS delivers by putting up yards. You can't compare them like that. Compare the mechanics, sure, but winning is a team and coaching effort. Matt has shown time and time again he can deliver but always gets let down with his team. The one year he had a top ten defense, he took us to playoffs with a first time NFL playcaller (2017). In 2018, he produced like his MVP
  4. True. Maybe we can get him for cheap because of his injury. I hope we ship Rico. Love the dude but **** he can be a liability.
  5. Huh? Freeman was 5'8" and 209. He crushed it in Shanny's scheme. Aaron Jones is 5'9" and 207. He's crushing it in LaFleur's scheme. We don't need a bell cow
  6. Appreciate that - too many new fans that don't appreciate the **** years we've had. Also n00b question - do you know when I can start creating new threads? It won't let me now
  7. Neal isn't as bad as Rico or Kazee in coverage. That's not saying much though - low bar. That said, I do like Neal's upside in the run game.
  8. If your theory that talent will out-win scheme, how come we went 4-12? I would argue we have a top 10 talented roster. Scheme and poor coaching lost us. Talent can't cover up for coaching and scheme shortcomings. Its kinda like a ****ty movie with good actors. You can appreciate the acting but it still leaves a bad taste since the story and direction were dog****.
  9. It also depends on the scheme. Shanny's scheme worked really well because the play/run formations worked off of each other. Blocking assignments and the plays being called were probably easier for the OL to understand and execute. Hope we get that same mental model back
  10. Good, he seems better at winning and building a system than coming up with slogans and marketing. DQ: "I'm fired up to build out our brotherhood and I'm excited as h e l l to start winning with our young men." AS: "**** yo ****. No one escapes my wrath until we win"
  11. It blows my mind how many people clamor for new QB and treat it as the silver bullet. Half the ******* league is running around trying to lock down a consistent QB. Matty Ice is a ******* tank that can throw dimes
  12. This is so accurate. Everyone ****ting on ATL while they make their livelihood here. I think once have a SB win or consistent playoff appearances we will get a passionate, loyal base. Last 3 years and all the lost leads really ****** us.
  13. Yea LOL. Why is this being attributed to Quinn. Quinn's **** is brotherhood. We've had rise up for a while and I think its a great motto. Why all the hate for it?
  14. Can you help me understand the hype behind Munchak?
  15. [CanGuardMike]: Ima sTanD mY oWn gRoUnd sOmeOne pLaY wIth mE
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