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  1. I wouldnt take this bum in the 7th... And yes! Go Dawgs! When has there ever been a good University Florida QB.
  2. No Question! Look at the tape. I'm a UGA fan...
  3. Perkins is worrisome. His tape is not very impressive. Maybe later in the draft.. Rnds 5-7.. Give me big Alim McNeill... Type of DT that can change your D
  4. This kid will be a steal... He was quietly UGA's best corner the last 3 yrs. Mark my words....
  5. Hands down the MOST dropped INT's I've ever seen.... No thanks
  6. I love Cam...Always have..Even when he was killing us... But no thanx
  7. Of all the players that we could possibly trade. He should never be included.
  8. **** No.. That was one of the weakest HIGHLIGHT tapes I've seen. Looks like the talent in this draft (There will always be hidden gems) is at the DT position. His line mate Jaylen Twyman is the better prospect.
  9. Definitely won’t last til the 2nd ... and if he does.. he’ll be a steal..
  10. I like Poona Ford.... liked him outta Texas
  11. I like Poona Ford.... liked him outta Texas
  12. Look around the league... Look at the throws the QB’s are making.. Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes.. even Baker ... we gotta do better..
  13. So when you watch Matt throw a dumb *** pass... or still getting nervous in the pocket like a rookie, it doesn’t bother you? Are you a Falcon fan or a Matt Ryan fan... that would clear a lot of this up.
  14. Know why? Falcon Cook..Teams had to beef up on their run game.. Play Action passing is what made Matt Ryan MVP..
  15. For the football expert who brought up Adams... look at Rodgers numbers in the red zone sir.. Arm talent..
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