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  1. Yea it's pretty clear you need talent on both sides of the ball to win.
  2. Not sure what that even means. Thanks for the opinion?
  3. No thanks on any DE in the first round this year, I'll take a shot on one in 3rd or 4th round.
  4. Yeah we gotta stop pouring out sources into the sinking boat that is the defense. We don't even need Parsons, we are fine with what we have. We've wasted a first on Beasley, Second on Jalen Collins, first on Takk, Second on Oliver, first on Peria Jerry, first on weatherspoon, second on William Moore, first on Neal, and 3rd on Kazee. There is no guarantee that the next defensive player we take won't also bust, use that 4th pick and draft the QB of the future. We are not going to beat out Tom Brady, or the Saints in that division any time soon.
  5. That has to be one of the worst OLs ever, he was sacked like 5 times but it felt more than that. If I were Seattle I'd try to trade up for an LT.
  6. He got them 2 first downs and didn't look bad at all, it may might show up on the stat sheet but he was buying time with his feet. Goff came in and played after he got hurt but I think they would have won no matter the QB with the way Akers was playing.
  7. What do you do that you gotta work Saturday night? Are you a trucker?
  8. Yeah he knows how to draft, even their backup QB had a good game.
  9. Wolford looks better than Jared Goff. Looks like the Rams went with a more mobile QB.
  10. I tried pffs mock generator and Wilson is gone by pick 2 almost every time. In that case I am taking either Fields or I would trade down to 10.
  11. If Marino is in, how's that not about fairness? Matt Ryan isnt a top 10 QB of all time and isn't Marino. He is on the cusp and I will admit his stats are very impressive, he is an iron man. He has been a good top 10 QB for a very long period, and doesn't miss games. He probably won't win us a superbowl, but he is the greatest falcon QB.
  12. You want the QB to shut up and play and not pick coaches, that backfired on LeBron, and on us with Koetty. Players make the worst GM's.
  13. Don't care about anything else just please beat the saints.
  14. No regular season vs Miami. We need to clone Abraham, we just can't find anyone like him.
  15. Thanks for the read - gonna speed read. The player that reminds me of Allen is Zach Wilson...slightly slower foot speed but crazy deep ball.
  16. Wonder how he'll do as a falcons head coach....let's see it he can Hackett. Hackett/Fontenot 2021.
  17. Lots of Falcon fan loved when we picked up Nolan the first time...safe to say he is bad at his job.
  18. My idea perfect draft, in case of immergency my insurance first round pick would be a trade down for Javon Holland. TEAM PICKS 4: R1 P4 QB Zach Wilson - BYU 36: R2 P4 S Trevon Moehrig - TCU 68: R3 P4 RB Kenneth Gainwell - Memphis 106: R4 P4 EDGE Quincy Roche - Miami
  19. Check this out #35 - Najee Harris #67 - De Hamilcar Rashed #79 - Quincy Roche #98 - Caden Stearns #144 - Ambry Thomas #177 - Trey Sermon Plus 3 2021 first round picks, a second, and 2 3rds....
  20. Instead of Ben Garland we are going big and getting Ben Clevand, a state! PFN is the worst lol it lets you trade forever and just accumulate first rounders.
  21. That is true, but Brady and Mahomes have similar issues still put up great numbers, and the Steelers were #31 in 2018. You can still have a good enough offense without a run game, just not great.
  22. Deservedly so, he was one of the best WRs in the league.
  23. While those are valid points for a better overall offense, technically they should lead to some great QB stats. For example Big Ben threw 675 times in 2018 and had an absurd 5200 yards and 34 tds. In 08 Brees threw 635 times for 5037 yards and 34 Tds. Those are QB friendly offenses, just not suitable for a winning formula.
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