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  1. Michael Vick was a good quarterback. He was fast and had a strong arm. He played with the Falcons from 2001-06. He was released in 2007 after he was convicted of dogfighting. Vick served a couple of years in prison. After his release from prison he signed with the Eagles in 2009 and finished his career with them.Vick was a great athlete.
  2. Steve McNair was a good QB for the Oilers. the Titans and the Ravens. He was big and strong. He became the second black quarterback to start a Super Bowl after Doug Williams when he took the Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV against the Rams which the Titans lost. McNair was sadly killed in 2009 by his girlfriend who then killed herself. McNair had a good career.
  3. Oh yeah I forgot he started his career with the Chargers.
  4. I think Drew Brees was a great quarterback. He wasn’t very tall for the position and had only average arm strength. But he made up for those shortcomings with his intelligence. He set some NFL records. He’s a future Hall of Famer. He led the Saints to a Super Bowl win after the 2009 season against the Colts. He played his entire career with the Saints and retired after last year.
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