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  1. Wow..hope it doesn't workout for them. If they can get Henderson's head on straight, they will have a cheap, young bookend corners, for the near future.
  2. I would say that could be a reason if the trend did not go back to a good portion of the 19' season.
  3. Still missing a lot of talent on that side of the ball. Plus the $$ that is being spent on the defense, is seemingly going to some folks that are not earning their way. I am absolutely looking at Jones and Fowler to a lesser degree. Fowler has played better the past 2 games, but he is not getting a rush on 95% of his rushes. He has gotten through 1 time the past 2 weeks but need more pressure from him overall. DJones, is just a massive disappointment at this point. The offseason question was asked whether we keep him or Oluokun and is it really even close at this point? Now of course we just restructured Jones, which probably makes that choice for us.
  4. That was from Dirk playbook. Identical play as we ran against the Eagles (week 2 2019) and Julio sprung loose. Nothing new there, but good timing on the call for sure.
  5. That was a terrible game to watch, but we have not won a game like that in ages. Defense better than the offense, so that absolutely needs to be addressed and the fact that we are not using Pitts, but gritty effort by the defense and need to be acknowledged.
  6. Nothing looks good with those hideous things. No doubt recommended by some dude name Sloan in marketing.
  7. Which is why us being close in games last year meant absolutely nothing.
  8. Champ, you have literally been wrong about every single thing you proclaimed this offseason. I mean every ******* one, so best to post less.
  9. This is just unwastchable...I'll mow the grass and see the final score. Literally nothing can happen that will change my opinion of this team from this point till the end of the game.
  10. Thank god we didn't do a full rebuild, where we actually had something to look forward to, I mean that would suck and we'd be watching a young team that sucked.
  11. Was hoping to see Gallman get some of Davis's touches. He can not do much worst, give him a shot???
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