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  1. Certainly could help the return game, which has been abysmal since I guess Hester. We certainly have our fair share of opportunities giving up 30+ points a game. Can he play safety?
  2. I am, but really like Fields and Lance too. Us QB guys have been persecuted like it's the crusades around here...lol. Think Fields goes 3, but if he is there at 4, he is my guy unless Wilson somehow is available. Love all 4 of these guys, which is ironic because I'm not a Mac Jones fan in the least.
  3. I see 6-7 wins tops, from where I'm sitting. That's 2-3 wins more b/c of AS. This roster is worse than last seasons roster. Still have a country mile to get back to break even on that.
  4. Pretty sure you have to give these guys more than their rookie seasons, especially corners. How they stand after their rookie seasons in not how they will stand in 3-4 years. Bet that kid from Detroit is a different player in 2021.
  5. Report: Falcons will attend Justin Fields’ second Pro Day workout Posted by Josh Alper on April 13, 2021, 4:10 PM EDT Getty Images The Falcons have done their best this offseason to portray an open mind about taking a quarterback with the fourth overall pick in the draft and they’ll reportedly be checking out the workout of a potential choice with that pick on Wednesday. Former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields will be holding his second Pro Day workout of the offseason and Albert Breer of SI.com reports that the Falcons will be represented at the workout
  6. Sorry I had to downvote you because your a tool. You don't downvote someone that took the time to post something like this, because he not drafting who you like in a ******* Mock Draft. Then you reply to the post some some hard-hitting, in-depth analysis, strong work. Yell up to mom that you need some more Totino's pizza rolls before you downvote this post. I don't want Sewell either at #4, but downvote the poster, pathetic.
  7. Yeah, those guys are a **** of a lot more iconic than Matt Ryan. If I thought there was even the slightest hope that this team could complete for the SB in the next 2 years, I would not be looking QB this year. I just see this whole thing going even worse if we try and continue to try an pry this window open. The idea of 2 sub .500 season the next 2 years and no QB waiting in the wings, is a very very real possibility in my eyes. The condition of this team right now is a direct bi-product of just that. So, lets do the same thing again and hope for different result. The one positive
  8. If he said we were moving on from Ryan, would you have the same opinion...probably not.
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