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  1. Absolutely won't be under Smith. If it is, we chose the wrong HC or our running game is as bad as some believe it still may be.
  2. Sorry man. That would have me looking in the mirror and questioning my own looks😁.
  3. Excellent take. Not to mention the Jones we have seen the last 2 season is a big step back from the pre-19' version. I have not been impressed him the past 2 seasons at all. Still a good player, yes but not anywhere near the level that some talk about him.
  4. It's all good. Reading my post it came off as prickish. Not my intent, and agree on the semi-produtive assessment. One of these days we'll agree on something football related. Beyond both of us wanting a ring.
  5. Absolutely, I like JM. Lewan is just the better player. Both are very good, just feel Lewan has that extra fire that I don't see in JM. State a player on another team is better and one is usually met with the "hater" label and stupid reply's about some posters hating all Falcon players. JM is literally the least of this teams worries. Him or maybe Koo, although kickers can yet the yips out of nowhere.
  6. That EXACT same argument can be made the other way, glad you asked. That was my point, the dude is giving credit for something that is completely unverifiable either way. Funny you pipe in with the contrary though, while ignoring it's counter. Ahhh that off-season luster😆.
  7. Huh? How does a player and his agent not wanting to sign an extension make the new coach and GM smart exactly?
  8. Ahhh.....No. Lewan is better than Matthews, so this take by whoever wrote it, is just hot garbage.
  9. Thought he was the next great free agent of 2021!
  10. Never heard Julio was one of the sides, not once and would LOVE to see that link. Never really heard of a divided locker room either. The team stuck with that piece of **** Quinn, probably because it was club med with slogans.
  11. This is impressive. Might be the most glaring accomplishment the entire off-season. Certainly is not any of the Big Lots free agents nor would be hitting on a draft selection @4. This is actually a pretty impressive feat in this turbulent climate, especially in a southern city! Well done for sure.
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