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  1. Yeah, me making you admit he can’t throw accurately was a real butt kicking. Even your “bird” is laughing at your butthurt. 😂
  2. He might be though. Ehlinger has a really good arm. He can throw lasers. Lots of work there though.
  3. No changing. He’s a terrible thrower of the ball. Its what this entire discussion was all about. Poor accuracy. You being butthurt about it just makes it all the more better. Hang in there, son. You’ll pull through. Just like a Division 8 school. 😂 Hey, put BUTTHURT in big letters so you’ll feel better about yourself, boy.
  4. Lance had plenty of time to transfer. Your excuse of COVID or going to another college, so what, holds no water like your other excuses. Lances pathetic lack of accuracy vs terrible competition, jump balls and your inferiority complex about running QBs is showing. Calm down, you’ll get through this.
  5. I’ve watched a lot of his games and he does things that are so surprising for his height and size. He flicks off these lasers out of nowhere. 50 yard frozen ropes. But he doesn’t look an inch taller than Brees and he’s quiet the entire game drinking and dunking and then, boom. Rocket ball. He’s definitely interesting as a prospect.
  6. No, I haven’t moved anything and your desperate attempts to claim I have are laughable. And Lance should have transferred to another school like King did. Like JT Daniels did. 2 examples and 2 separate situations. Both did it. No issues and no excuses. The majority of Lances throws are jump balls. And the rest is a cloud of dust vs laughably bad defenses. That’s why his accuracy is so bad as you've admitted and explained in previous posts.
  7. Ehlinger Reminds me of Brett Favre Slow down. I’m not saying he IS Favre I’m just saying he's built and throws like Favre. He actually kinda looks like him a little too. Ehlinger, King and the kid from SMU are the only prospects I think who are worthy of being drafted and being groomed outside the 1st round. The rest are Meh to me.
  8. Disagree. I’m not moving anything. Running is NOT a necessary trait of a QB in the NFL. It’s just an added bonus that can be used to exploit a team at times. And it rarely happens but there is a unicorn every hundred years. There’s nothing wrong with having the ability to run as a QB. Russell Wilson is the best QB in the NFL in my opinion. But he throws from the pocket and is deadly accurate. Especially on his deep balls. That’s the trait that puts him into the elite QBs of the league, not his scrambling. His running is an added bonus. He transferred to WISC to further exploit his ability in
  9. This is good news. Herbert looks good too. So far....
  10. To clarify. As you’ve admitted, Lance isn’t accurate. He plays at a Division 6 school and still isn’t accurate vs laughably bad competition. His arm strength and running is irrelevant to me as it isn’t a foundational aspect of a successful QB in the NFL but is fun to watch vs Jackrabbit St. What is foundational to me and a necessary trait to be successful in the NFL is throwing from the pocket accurately and consistently, regardless of any other aspects of the QBs abilities which are ultimately irrelevant if he can’t. Rarely If ever do college QBs improve their accuracy goi
  11. Good point. I think Leinart had the physical tools to be a good NFL QB. It was his mental flaws and laziness that did him in. He was a notorious boozehound and liked high school girls and parties instead of working on his craft. To me Jones has a bigger arm and is a bigger overall prospect. But he does have limitations and any team would need to account for that. I think at the end of the day it’s the mental aspect of these guys and what drives them.
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