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  1. Dorsey is great at getting talent but I don’t think he could build a good culture here
  2. He could maybe bring someone like Brian Daboll in. He been with the Pats and Bama and has done a amazing job with Josh Allen
  3. Wonder if we get Mike McDaniel as HC and maybe Kubiack would be OC. There both from the west coast tree.
  4. Exactly. Feel like if he could get the most out of our defense and get them to a high level
  5. Only thing is probably after a year McDaniel will get a HC gig that’s personally why I think we should interview him for HC if we don’t keep Raheem
  6. Nah he wouldn’t be a good NFL coach he’s made for college
  7. Yeah this team definitely looks like there fighting more under Raheem. Hopefully they can keep that up
  8. Exactly man. Couldn’t of said that any better. If we get a good offensive mind at HC and a proven DC then that would be great
  9. Wonder if tony dungy would be a good hire for gm if Raheem stays, just a thought
  10. Kinda just want a fresh start with the coaching staff. Really would like to see someone like Joe Brady or Aruther Smith to be the HC
  11. I would like to see him at FS seems like he could be good in that role due to his speed
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