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  1. Jordan Love would be interesting. Probably would calm the fires in GB with that trade.
  2. AS and TF better get ready, cause I got a feeling their head's bout to have a bounty on 'em.
  3. Paired with AS suddenly we have a potential 1,000 yard back.
  4. Honestly, it would've made the Primetime game real interesting. We definitely would've gotten stomped.
  5. Rumors swirled around Twitter Tuesday that the Atlanta Falcons turned down a blockbuster trade offer from the New England Patriots on draft night that would have sent the fourth overall pick and Julio Jones to the Patriots. The allegation was made by Patriots Beat Reporter @SpikeKing76 on Tuesday via Twitter that on draft night that the Patriots reached out to the Atlanta Falcons about completing a trade for Julio Jones and the fourth overall selection from the 2021 NFL Draft. As we all know, the general manager Terry Fontenot took all calls on potential trades that included t
  6. I am in love with Hawkins. Liked him enough to rank him as a 2nd- tier RB in this draft, right there with Chubba Howard.
  7. http://nesn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/julio-jones.gif
  8. The Varsity, POLARIS and Coke World, if it's open.
  9. Imagine if he didn't go by Julio. I almost like the sound of an announcer yelling "QUINTORRIS LOPEZ" better than "JULIO". Almost.
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