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  1. Granted I’m looking at this from a Madden perspective ( okay Madden stamina doesn’t matter as much as in real life) but I’m rotating Pitts and hurst regularly and lee and Kevin smith regularly. Keep a primary te threat on field at all times and we need extra blocking to make up deficiencies on the line. Granted this makes it harder for Ridley as teams will be double teaming him more often but if he wants to be a # 1 receiver he has to be ready for that responsibility
  2. 3 interceptions two from tipped passes one from bad ball placement which if gage had been 100% would probably have been contested and incomplete. Given Tampa was the worst case scenario for our offense at them moment ( stout run d and middle of line pressure) he did fairly well with what little of game plan we could field
  3. We solved some issues and we threatened the preseason favorite for the nfc contender to the super bowl. So yes I feel better. We still have many more issues to work out and aj having a concussion isn’t good for us.
  4. Short passing game with roll outs was able to keep pressure off of Matt as long as there was the threat of a run. Once again when we had no choice but to pass Matt was running for his life and mental mistakes doomed us. We had better hope the o line learns quickly because I’m not sure we have enough picks to replace lg c and rt
  5. Short of Quentin Nelson being cut and miraculously signed for vet minimum by us I think it was a foregone conclusion mayfield would get another shot here
  6. Fields would have gotten murdered in Philly. Matt is at least knows how to take beating and wouldn’t injury himself trying to escape an inescapable situation. now if you want to put forward an argument for Sewell slater or alijah Vera tucker I would hear you out but granted it took two injuries to left guard to get us to this point. Also arguments could be made for chase weddle and smith. I still prefer Pitts but it’s going to be an ugly year if we don’t resolve lg soon
  7. In this case in the future don’t put hurst and Pitts out at the same time. Platoon them to keep them fresh and what ever linebacker/ safety that is tasked with covering them better be ready to run the stadium twice over
  8. Getting real close to put up of shut up time for mcgary. We decide on his 5th year option this off-season and unless he shows major improvement I don’t see him getting it
  9. Yahoo tell me you didn’t watch the game without telling me you watched the game
  10. If this is the case who will be portraying the role of Ali malipet and does he feel like stepping up to a bigger role
  11. Justin fields would have tore his ACL trying to magician his way out of that poor excuse for a pocket
  12. It’s good to hear from someone who knows this better that there are building blocks that can be learned from this experience. If Matt can forgive him I guess we can him a second chance. Hopefully vita and suh are more bull rushers than technicians
  13. Been through several hostile message boards in my time. Heck I’m a veteran of the Wii U board on gamefaqs when it was going through one of the worst console launch year in history. The key to maintaining sanity is to remember 1/3 negative posts are fans making criticism 1/3 are rival fans trying to inflict pain and 1/3 are complete 3rd parties who just want to see the world burn. Never get angry know when to step away
  14. My plan we need either one of the smiths( lee or Keith ) blocking behind lg on any pass play. Either motion them in or play them as 3rd down back. Then we use hurst and Pitts as rotation trying to get their lbs winded trying to cover our te. I’m talking a te running a crossing route every pass play. Then we hope we horizontally stretch the run game so vita doesn’t shut us down every play
  15. Good: I liked how we used Keith smith, cordarrelle was explosive with our blocking. I don’t remember mcgary doing anything bad. bad: well mother told me if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all
  16. I’m not going to say koetter style of offense doesn’t win in the nfl. We can point to coaching staffs that share similar philosophies that do win. Problem is that with the current make up( ummm left guard) we can’t play that way. Until we get someone stable there our best plan is to control the clock, hope defense comes with a big play and we win a close game. It sucks, I wish it wasn’t the case but that’s truth
  17. Lmao if blank wanted hype it would have been fields or chase. Pitts was liked by the board because he was chess piece but the general public wanted fields. It’s like you forgot everything that was posted at beginning of the year
  18. Arthur’s plan for better or worse was to limit Mayfield exposure to cox and Hargrove. For 2.5 quarters he basically did till it became greater than a two score game. Then we saw what happened. Koetter typical strategy was to use long developing routes to stress secondary. The deficiencies in our line would have been more exposed for longer period of time if koetter had run the offense.
  19. It was a bad day for rookie oline around league Sewell got manhandled by nick bosa and alijah Vera tucker had some struggles as well. So writing mayfield off yet may be a bit hasty. Next week will be brutal as well but I wonder how he will do when he isn’t playing against all pro caliber talent
  20. So any idea on who projected 1st round o line are ? And how do they feel about playing left guard?
  21. I understood skipping game 2 but not having key starters in game 3 was really pushing it.
  22. Many a hof tackle played first couple of years at lg before moving to left tackle. So it was an option. Also there were tons of o line with high grades on them. Arthur set mind and mayfield and dalman. Maybe they blossom with more time but he reaps what he scouts
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