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  1. I just think we need to do our due diligence scouting . If we see critical strengths in qb who is there at 4 we draft if we see concerning weakness we draft something else or trade down.
  2. So extend Grady and Deion and cut Matthews after June 1 or Ryan next season assuming we can get Sewell or a qb
  3. They deserve the the right to make the decision if they retire a falcon. If either came in to front office said they wanted a trade to a competitive team for a super bowl ring I think the front office should do what they are able ( within reason because of cap limitations) to accommodate that
  4. It’s just nfl players seeing the kinda of freedom nba players have and trying to emulate it
  5. Would love to trade for him but short of league agreeing to waive or spread cap penalties over multiple years there is no way it happens
  6. I’m good with a lineman in first round. If Sewell is off the board trading down to mid teens and getting Christian Darrisaw from Virginia tech. Graded 2nd among offensive tackles in 2020 really strong in run blocking
  7. With what money ? They gotta find a qb and the cap decreases next year
  8. If we take a wr reciever at 4 we better have a trade shipping either Julio or Ridley for more picks.
  9. That code talk for “ I suck at interviews” okay all kidding aside bud foster had same attitude early 2000s while he was at his best defensive coordinator days at Virginia tech. Eventually schools knew he wasn’t going to jump so interview requests stopped coming. Granted college is a different situation but point is if you are too picky people just quit asking
  10. Matt Ryan is a modern day Trent green to me. Outstanding career but no championship so he is often underrated and success is often attributed to talent around them
  11. We just need to do our research and make sure we get the best fit. Can fields learn a pro playbook? Is Wilson as much of a prick as the rumors make him out to be? Both questions need to be answered before we make the pick
  12. He is partially right. There is no moving Ryan this year. He is also missing the point the point is that being in top 5 doesn’t happen very often and if either of the top two qbs drop we need to move on them. If you notice a pipe is leaking you don’t wait till it burst to get it fixed you call the plumber immediately
  13. Seems like a ridiculous thing to do just judging a job by qb situation.
  14. Glad he finished a falcon but writing is on the wall. We aren’t holding 3 qbs next season Ryan contract makes him nearly unmovable and the odds the new coach takes qb in one of the first three rounds has to be over 80%.
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