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  1. It means finding a gemstone in dirt or refuse of a gem mine. So finding something precious in plain everyday sight. Sports analyst use to describe finding talent in later round or undrafted free agency because everyone passed on those players several times. personally i think it is overused this best case of applying it to nfl would probably be Vince papale or Tom brady
  2. Other than edge I’m good with current roster. Sure we could be better at several positions but we have some scrappy younger players hungry for snaps that might just blossom with playing time. Let’s not spend money unless absolutely necessary
  3. Instead of a fall guy every nfl player needs a guy in their entourage who suggest movie or Madden night every time they get the urge to go out partying.
  4. I would be interested in knowing how the early announcement of next year cap number affects this trade. We know how much larger Matt contract will be and that we can’t move him then you add Julio cap penalty and we probably eat up most what extra cap there would be
  5. So what phase of the grieving cycle is anger?
  6. No. I like hurst. he is a great guy I hope he balls out and get a contract worth his value. Sadly he is replaceable especially with Pitts on the team. The thing about TEs is why it is rare to find one who can do all the tasks on a great level you can easily find one who does what you want on a great level and rest of his task on a good enough level. ( Pitts is rare because he is exceptional pass catcher and good enough at everything else)
  7. Well gage and Darby are doing a dance right now
  8. No. Seahawks cover 3 blueprint had been out for years. Offenses know how and where to hit. Dan isn’t a creative play caller, he is predictable that’s why even jacoby brissett tore us apart. Yes they got a bunch of defensive players but how many hand selected defensive players did Quinn actually develop in Atlanta? Then consider their piece de resistance from the draft is a mlb who can’t cover the one job Dan needs most from him.
  9. Knowing the pats they probably ridiculously lowballed the offer. Nobody else traded up with them and we weren’t the only team looking to trade down
  10. Arthur drafting Pitts is like giving a new iPad Pro to a struggling artist. You know they going to try out every possible feature and if you are lucky come up with something you never conceived of
  11. Just view how bill belichick does. Through nsa spy satellites in orbit
  12. Chris Simms had him as his 3rd rated rb of the class make of that what you will. What I have watched of his film he is good at finding his way through holes and can be a home run hitter. Question on whether he makes the team is does he fit special teams wise with both Patterson and Avery Williams on the team
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