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  1. Most of today? I only really saw 2 bad throws. The offense just generally looks a little toothless and when that's compounded with a mediocre offensive line -- at best -- things are rough.
  2. No playmakers and no offensive line really. Just not much here.
  3. lol "I told you guys we were going to work on speed" on Matt's 2-point conversion.
  4. If the last 3 seasons have taught me anything, it's that we can lose the next 4-5 games, be eliminated from the playoffs, look historically bad, and still go on to have a perfectly mediocre, none-horrific, season (which I suppose for tankers is still kind of a horrific season).
  5. I thought he looked great in the picket. Avoided 4 or 5 pressures by TB pretty handily. We've only seen him throw downfield once this year I think. It's been more interesting that his bread and butter 10-25 yard passes have been mostly been absent, which I'm guessing is mostly due to the D's we've been seeing.
  6. Winston's fumble looked like an incomplete pass live but then in the replay he kinda just drops it. I don't know if that will get overturned.
  7. Lol. Belichick likes to do to rookie QBs what the Eagles D-line likes to do to rookie LGs.
  8. They seems to be picking up where they left off last weekend. It'll be curious to see where this shakes out towards the middle/end of the season.
  9. Zach Wilson not really enjoying fast starts. And Jimmy seems to be enjoying a similar Sunday to Matt Ryan last week.
  10. Welcome back everyone! I'm sending everyone in here my good vibes. Let's enjoy another Sunday of football for better or for worse -- it's a beautiful day at least where I am and I'm about to open up a beer.
  11. Pressers are kinda refreshing this year. Got that going for us.
  12. And an interception on a potential game winning drive. Ryan certainly didn't have a good game today but when a team gets terrific pressure when rushing 4, it's going to be a bad day. We played the entire second half behind on almost every offensive series because of at least 1, sometimes 2, penalties.
  13. We ran 29 plays in our first 2 offensive series with only 1 false start, so it's not exactly like they immediately came out rusty. Not sure why the wheels fell off so much.
  14. He avoided some pressure, mostly corner and linebacker blitzes. A little different then the center of your o-line going poop right after the snap.
  15. Whelp. Olson was pretty decent to listen to for the day. Got that going for us.
  16. From what it sounds like, AS already wants to chew this team out. There's a lot of correctable things on offense and the defense has come along in the second half, but pretty disappointing start obviously.
  17. If the defense has 5 players there and we have 2, why would you throw it there?
  18. Does it look like they are afraid to throw to you? It hasn't gone super great.
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