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  1. lmao. They are pretty good. When he said 20 TDs by Cam I was like that doesn't sound right.
  2. Love to see it. We'll see what happens but you gotta like that reports say TF is consistently asking for a first. There's half a dozen teams sincerely interested. Someone is going to blink and spend a little more.
  3. They don't have a first round pick either. Nor the Rams. That whole division is full f'ing yolo mode right now. Have fun eating each other alive.
  4. If that deal went through, you might have to seriously consider that TF was sent to infiltrate the Falcons and cause chaos and destruction.
  5. Ya, TF should get him to shave $10M off his contract and then not trade him.
  6. True. But whenever you see a TD post-Falcons interview, he always talks about that trade lovingly. And how no one believed it was a good idea, especially Belichick, but he did it and it worked out.
  7. Kind of interesting if true. JJ signed a dumb *** contract before that extension. The only people he really should be mad at is himself and his agent. Get a better agent bro.
  8. That's an interesting perspective after they hire a new coach and GM.
  9. Does kind of put Grady in a weird spot. He'd be restructuring to basically undermine Julio's leverage.
  10. That's an interesting question assuming he initiated the trade talks. Not a super classy move to peace out of the organization when they bent over backwards to restructure his contract 2 years ago.
  11. Yikes. JJ just screwed himself and the Falcons. Not the greatest note to go out on. Now his already mediocre trade value is significantly diminished. Do your really trade JJ for less than a 3? Happy Monday guys.
  12. Ya, I honestly thought he looked pretty pumped. He kept saying that he was "probably" on the back half of his career, which seemed to insinuate he wants to play for a pretty good chunk more. He also said the seasons get more and more fun as you get less and less opportunities too. I did love the comment about learning another offense again and the fact that he's kinda seen it all. He also said he's seen those West Coast elements before (read not last season). I guess Koetter and company just fully yolo'ed it and gave up on this whole West Coast thing. Not exactly news but an interesting
  13. Interesting question. I remember the 2016 season fondly. If you get over that one half, that season was a blast and really the last time I enjoyed watching the Falcons play every week. Honestly, the last 2 seasons were kind of brutal. We very much went "all-in" and the season was over 5-6 games into the season, so it was like why do I even get excited about the football season anymore.
  14. lol. Smoke screen. We'll never know for sure. Cool clip though. I wonder if they had a betting pool for SF.
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