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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I was thinking about Phillies’ incredible ability to blow saves, and honestly it feels like Phillies would have gotten this division wrapped up if they were a little more reliable in their late inning bullpen management. They had that many blown saves but it also goes to show that they had a lot of opportunities to win games that they didn’t. NL East would be an amazing way to close the year but it wouldn’t bother me if we didn’t get it done. Losing a MVP candidate + rising star in Soroka + some questionable players like Smith and Smyly + Ozuna—it’s amazing we got where we are.
  2. Honestly I liked how we played this game today. Yes, we made some mistakes but I felt we came out with grit. It feels if we still had Gus this game would be over at halftime. I think this could be a great game to learn from and grow.
  3. This one is mind-blowing. I cannot believe this stat at all. How is this possible? After a while you’d think we would change our strategy.
  4. This loss falls squarely on Smith. Yes, the offense was as predictably abysmal as possible in the extras but we should have never gotten to that point. Smith had Solano at 1-2. He needed to just throw a ball and force Solano to chase it out. This is one of most deflating losses I can remember. Man. I don’t think I’ll tune in a game for a while. Smith also cost us a WS when he threw that ball to LA’s Will Smith. Yeah. This one hurts.
  5. This team isn’t just well coached.
  6. Two straight innings. 1-2-3-4-5-6.
  7. This came from one of the biggest wins in recent history to one of the most deflating losses this year.
  8. 10-7 now, and we can't even muster to score one run to tie or win the game. Comical.
  9. And suddenly it's 7-5 now. It's unreal how some teams would completely collapse in games against Phillies
  10. Honestly probably the best silver lining out of this. Winning 2 out of 3 against SF would be gigantic.
  11. Looks like this is going to be postponed for another time. Unfortunately even if we win today, we still lost the series. Sounds like it's time for a change in the thread-starting department, guys.
  12. that's also the 6th 1-run game in this series. Rockies have won four of them.
  13. Maybe an overreaction but I think it's time to get a new hitting coach. Our plate discipline was downright abysmal even with 10 hits.
  14. Unreal how we can have some hits yet score nothing but would make solo bombs like it's nothing. Why can't we hit homers with men on base?
  15. So far so good... Here's the Colorado Rockies, fresh off taking 3 out of 4 at Philadelphia coming in! Game 1 Touissant vs Gray Game 2 Ynoa vs Senzatela Game 3 Anderson vs Marquez Let's keep going!
  16. I’m here at the stadium, and we look just overmatched but that’s no fault of Smith if I may be Frank!
  17. In midst of our second series on this homestand… Game 1: Anderson vs Rogers Game 2: Morton vs Hernandez Game 3: Fried vs Cabrera Let’s keep winning!
  18. So weird. Two runs on solo homers but we still had 10 LOBs. Had men been on base when we hit these homers this would have been a different outcome
  19. Atlanta returns home for a 9-game homestand, starting with Nationals. Let's get it going! Game 1: Fried vs Espino Game 2: TBD vs Nolin Game 3: Ynoa vs Fedde Let's take care of business!
  20. HR by Riley! Should I continue making game threads? We didn’t win this series but we didn’t lose this one either (assuming we take care of business)
  21. Ouch, Nationals were up by 6 runs and they blew it to Phillies.
  22. New poster to bring the mojo back to Atlanta! Game 1: Toussaint vs Gonzalez Game 2: Ynoa vs Senzatela Game 3: Anderson vs Marquez Game 4: Morton vs Gomber
  23. Oh, for sure. Still, they're doing what they're supposed to do with their schedule. It's up to us to make sure that we don't get Bohm'ed again at the end. Let's be 7 games up over both teams leading to the final two series and I'm Gucci.
  24. If we want to win NL East, we are going to have to earn it as Phillies and Mets are getting hot at the most unfortunate time.
  25. I agree. I was hoping for a better showing but sometimes we gotta look in the mirror and say that's the kind of the team we have right now. Which is all good if we win the division. Then just sit back and enjoy the playoffs. We're playing with house money at that point.
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