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  1. I actually have a good feeling about this series. Losing Soler hurts but I think we come out inspired. Let’s get over the hump!
  2. In midst of an elated celebration last night, I must say this is a pretty big deal. Losing a power bat in Soler is going to really hurt. Even if he manages to return in the NLCS, would he be himself? This feels like a massive turn of events... even though we all are thrilled to be advancing.
  3. For sure? He'll miss Game 1 even if LA-SF goes to 5?
  4. @Unknøwn, on behalf of this forum we demand you to start the NLCS thread when our opponent is locked.
  5. I'm still riding on this high. I'd be satisfied with making playoffs with our key core players out, but making to NLCS is just unreal. Exceeded my expectations. Why don't we just take it to them and complete an incredible journey?
  6. Well, a good thing about this moment is that if we can’t come up with two runs or more in our last 6 innings, we don’t deserve to win this game. It’s really that simple.
  7. Sucks, but if Chavez can get it done—if we can’t muster even a run then we don’t deserve to win this game. And that baserunning error doesn’t help but I guess at this point we have to accept that as one of our idiosyncratics.
  8. I think this is where having an early lead would be critical. I'd feel anxious if he's pitching in the 5th or 6th and we're tied or up by 1. Man, it would sure be nice to explode for a 6-run lead in early innings to give Morton some rest.
  9. We need an early lead to put the fear in them and give run support to Morton. But I like this approach because you ride with your best pitchers. Let’s get it done today!
  10. I think they’re saying Boo-urns.
  11. Elite defense and dazzling pitching. That is all.
  12. I thought Luke literally tweeted out that in the bullpen just now then I saw the date. 😅
  13. How does that happen? That was an incredible boneheaded play. My only guess is that Duvall thought Yelich would throw the ball to home. Why do we commit these rookie mistakes in a game of massive implications? HUH???
  14. Didn't really help us last time against Cardinals when we were up 2-1 few years ago 😐 Early game today, would be sweet to celebrate the rest of the day with a W!
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