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  1. We're 12-16 now. If we wish to win 100 games, we'd need to go 88-46 the rest of the way. Wow. We'd be lucky if we crack 90 wins at this rate.
  2. LOL this game! Ynoa with a HR!
  3. ATLBham

    Braves @ Cubs

    It's honestly fascinating how Jackson operates. He's usually a high school pitcher when he faces the first two, three batters and then he evolves into a prime Mariano Rivera at the end without allowing any runs. Just amazing.
  4. ATLBham

    Braves @ Cubs

    34 pitches by Will Smith, whew. May the most pitches I've ever seen that resulted in zero runs for an inning. Good start to this Chicago trip!
  5. One thing that I don't see that is being discussed about this: the umpires made an ASSUMPTION that Bohm touched the plate. On the replays you don't have CONCLUSIVE proof that Bohm touched the plate. But you do have CONCLUSIVE proof that d'Arnaud tagged Bohm. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you don't have a clear-cut proof that a player touched the plate, then by default you must go with indisputable proof.
  6. The only way they can get it right is to award us a double play and a do-over in the bottom of the ninth or go to the extra innings at the very least. I'm MAD.
  7. We have to protest the call. OMG. I'm so steamed. WTH.
  8. Great series win!! I'm eating my words happily after we blew it in the first game of this series!
  9. What Nationals did in their last three innings was fantastic. They were patient on the plate and they got rewarded. We got away in 7th, but it bit us in 8th, and it killed us in 9th. That's how Dodgers beat us in NLCS. They stayed patient.
  10. The most concerning thing about this team is we aren't patient offensively. We hack at everything. When it works, wow. When it doesn't, that just makes up for really quick innings for opposing pitchers. We suck right now. We're going to get swept tomorrow, fellas.
  11. That's my silver lining as well. I'd prefer pitching to be as sound as they can be than to have an explosive offense but coupled with bad pitching. We'll bounce back soon enough. Hate to stare at 0-3 hole, though. Would much prefer to be swept if we're somewhere like 8-7.
  12. Not the start we wanted to see. A sweep. And 6 more games on road. Ugh.
  13. It's just one game but my overreactions are: We gotta figure how to score with RISP. We got burned with bases loaded in the 8th and didn't do anything in 10th. The stat that @AUTiger7222put up about MPH of the hard balls is encouraging when you factor in our power, but it seems like we're going to rely a heavy portion of our offensive production via air. This is always nice but sometimes getting contact in is useful. I really dislike the 10th inning rule. I'd be okay if you put the guy on 1st base instead of second. All of these are overreactions. I'd love the rule if we
  14. It sounds like he's ours to lose; the question is if we'd budge on our offer or Ozuna to falter his talks.
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