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  1. I was warning about this earlier this week. This is what happens when you play not to lose. Atlanta has been like this for a while. It is a leadership issue it is a more talented team than they are playing.
  2. Not true at all I wanted DQ and TD gone for a while. Getting rid of Ryan now would be a huge mistake. While I agree it might be time to think about the future he needs to stay.
  3. Well I would say Jerry Peria my dad would disagree and say Shannon Brown.
  4. Yeah I am kind of against this. He coached here for part of this mess. While I get it is easy to see how the team played this weekend and give him credit that is pretty shallow. Realizing that a lot of people could lose their job with a new staff is a serious motivator. If you are going to go with him you would need to make sure that any improvement is him and not people being job scared.
  5. LOL! I wondered in to ****. This whole thread is comical. I could count the number of people with a social IQ of over 50 on one hand and still hold my coffee. Atlanta Falcons has a mod in here questioning and insulting probably half their fan base because of their personal decisions. Not a good look. In case most of you do not know what social intelligence is. It is the ability to see yourself as others see you. You think you are making reasonable arguments when most people just hear endless screeching. You are the people at the party who talk too loud so no one can get you to shut up. People do eventually get tired of it and eventually move away to where you have no one to listen but yourself. Sadly we see this throughout society. People going on unhinged rants thinking they sound reasonable and intelligent when what most of the country actually hears is this https://trendingviews.co/video/screaming-woman-says-she-s-terrified-because-of-republicans-we-re-losing-our-democracy-13998.html Imagine that thinking you are losing a democracy because people have the audacity to disagree with you
  6. **** DQ was lost I doubt he even knew where the locker room was.
  7. Yeah I was never a fan of DQ. He never struck me as being very serious or very smart. It was from his little look at me being innovative and playing music during the practices. It was nothing but a gimmick. Everything about him was a bit of a gimmick. He never seemed sure of what he wanted to do on defense and they drafted like it. His success was largely due to the offense we had already had here. I'm not going to complain about him being gone. TD could draft pretty good at some positions. I was not a fan of players he liked to draft at certain positions. I hate these thoughtful wordy retrospectives over a sports team. DQ sucked and probably cost TD his job. Not that I think TD was terrible he certainly did make some bad moves but he could land some good players.
  8. Honestly rallying this team will not be difficult. We just fired our GM and HC. Players know at the end of the season changes are coming. They will all be playing like their life depends on it because they do. This is a time it will pay to be smart. You would have to be really convinced that the results were because of Morris and the coaching and not people getting job scared. That can be a tough evaluation to make especially if the fans are convinced it was Morris. So honestly consider me skeptical of Morris. He was coaching the defense the first 5 games of the season and they collapsed. That makes it hard for me to contribute a rebound entirely to him.
  9. Yeah 2 of only the 3 or 4 players keeping the team together. If they trade those without someone to replace them. I guess I will be a Bucs, Pats and Dolphins fan. After the mess we have had here I have grown to really miss Mike Smith.
  10. You weren't rude at all. My sense of humor can seem to be sometimes.
  11. This is the reason we have had a hard time with it. This scheme and the coaching have been terrible. If people thought he was bringing the Seattle defense here he sure got a lot of players that did not fit that scheme as well.
  12. I was pretty sure you did have a job. Was just kidding. I'm glad you are having a good week.
  13. If that is all it takes to make you week amazing. Getting a job will fix that.
  14. This is an interesting topic. How we draft will depend a lot on who we bring in to replace the come back kid. If we were staying with something similar to what we have I might target Caden Sterns or Andre Cisco to play FS. I think we are a tad soft against the run as well. Our corners are still young but I think we will be alright there. Most tend to think we will be drafting early I tend not to now that the come back kid found the door.
  15. Yeah it has been horrible to watch for the last couple of years. It was good to see them come out with a lead and go down field to keep them honest.
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