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  1. Of course, I would like them to fight, but the question is, when will they fight? Jones is going hard, Adesanya is already preparing for a fight with the winner of Whittaker / Cannonier. Yes, and it's somehow hard to believe that Adesanya will go to the heavyweight division, complete nonsense, and Jones has just begun the transition, but what's the point of returning to the light heavyweight division, where there is already a new champion. In short, with all this in mind, they will only fight on Twitter (which, by the way, they do).
  2. Despite the high selection and laudatory articles of people, you should not get carried away with Hunter ahead of time. De'Andre - fits perfectly into the Atlanta system, you need to spend the highest stakes on it. Plus / minus his future is easier to predict than Reddish, who will either get lost or become a star, but will Hunter become a star?
  3. Why is the top 5 still expected, I do not understand who in their right mind will take THIS in the top five?
  4. They did it right, otherwise he would trade Watson for Rosen.
  5. Cam Reddish - The potential is huge. I think he will easily become the best player in Atlanta. On the defensive, this is not for you Trey Young. Already cool and knows how to attack, even pass. % should be tightened.
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