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  1. Jason must get his input from Dled. Jason , like Dled, probable was pissed we didnt draft Gurley.
  2. AS's pressers are a breath of fresh air over the past 2 HCs. He is here to answer legit questions and knows how to professionally and quickly get past the ones that are not. These guys have asked AS enough questions by now to know how he operates. You would think they would be smarter and ask better questions so us fans could get some insight to what going on, instead of wasting AS's time and making them look stupid and/or not prepared.
  3. Base on his recent comments, he got what he wanted.......A chance to be on a team that could win the SB this yr and not be on a team with Ryan.
  4. There was no choice here. A big reason AS/TF came here was because of Matt. That has been documented many times.
  5. I think it is a little too early for AS to praise individual players. He wants everyone to feel that it is open to competion.
  6. Not anymore, this last play by Jones probably pissed Blank off.
  7. this is similar when blank & mckay brought in all those ex GMs to help carry TD. These new guys do not want or need that type of help.
  8. With proper blocking, I think AS believes ryan can do the same thing that he did under Shanny w/o Jones. He also is concerned with his game availability consistency based on his past health. His past game videos show him on the sides lines alot. You then add the CAP problem, I am not sure he will be here this year. hope he is, BUT....
  9. I think he understands AS interview style. AS has already shown that it is way to early to set expectations (positive/negitive) in his interviews. No hype like DQ/TD always had on players , some didnt even make it thru camp. Glad those guys are gone.
  10. Blank finally got things right.
  11. It might already be done, but cant be announced till June1
  12. Picking a 4th or 5th best QB on the board is not are best move. There is a reason that they are there. Now teams that need QB are finding other solutions, making trade downs harder to get a acceptable offer. Therefore, Pitts, BPA and fits very well with AS. Win as much as you can now, with a look to the future.
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