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  1. All good conspiracies are steeped in events or thoughts that appear to hold some form of plausible merit. Sans a smoking gun, all are just hypothetical possibilities! Probabilities, factually to be sure, WE will never know...bank on it!
  2. Sorry grandma! Talk got selected by dummytroff and paid...moved out of the hood, but can’t ball as good as he runs his mouff!
  3. Why?! When you are a failure at your job, shame deserves to be upon you! Heck, a millionaire needling or wanting, or even caring what we think, let alone our respect? No way!! 28-3, no way for sure. Door needs to smack him in the brown eye on the way to cash his severance check.
  4. 28-3 game broke, Ryan, Julio, Quimm, Arturo, Dummytroff, and the majority of the Atl fans...things have not been the same sense! No leaders, no motivation, quitters abound! That dog attitude was snuffed out in the great state of Texas. Need new blood and leaders! Get outta here my field attitude died and was left in Texas, with their hearts with that 28-3 cluster intercourse.
  5. Dan Quimm has no right to challenge anyone’s manhood! A quimm is, well a quimm!
  6. Why look for another coach? I mean if you’re looking for a Super Bowl champ in creating turd storms, choking, and being the absolute best in total ineptitude, then you could do no better! You have your winner...keep them bums!
  7. Seems possible. Who knows except for those that may be involved.
  8. You’d think Artie would get tired of losing! First and continuing, TheAtlanta Falcons, now the three stripes seemingly are following in the footsteps of the birds. Perhaps since the Falcons are assured by the NFL not to lose money, he no longer enjoys winning...just keep making money. I’m thinking, there is nothing more humiliating that a premature celebratory dance that fizzles on national tv to realize, it’s just entertainment and you lose the zest that drives your to the passion for the game. Arthur regrouped, wrote a book and now, well, it’s another money making venture, nothing
  9. I have always had an issue with Rich McKay being involved in the Falcons player personnel activity! Should have left his bum in the Stadium Ops group.
  10. Well, this is as I would suspect. A cadre of washed up retreads as coaches which failed elsewhere, a cadre of first round retreads that could not crack star status elsewhere, and you have now, what they are showing. Tired of watching and supporting an organization that heaps money upon money for middle of the road players, betting on the come. Well, can’t say I’m surprised, but what are you, or can you do, if you ain’t the owner. Just what I’m doing, spewing. Sigh!
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