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  1. Negative Nancies all over this board. For Pete's sake guys, they were playing the Super Bowl Champs with a new HC and an inexperience O lIne. At one point the score was 28-25. SHEESH !!!
  2. It's a simple sentence, read it again
  3. Of course not. i just said there are more than one receiver on the passing tree.
  4. Could it possibly be that Ridley was #2 on the passing tree, and Ryan only got to him after #1 was covered. Hard to make assumptions unless you have inside info.
  5. God's way of telling you that you have more money than you need. LOL !
  6. Moves in the off season Free Agent market will be the big factor to be competitive next year and beyond. We are not Jacksonville, but we are not a playoff team yet. Enjoy what we have, and any improvement that happens. What other choice do we have ?
  7. Yep, maybe we need to compare our team to Jacksonville as far as progress each week, rather that teams like the Eagles and Bucs.
  8. It has been said that peas runs much the same defense as Belichick and Saban. Who would be more familiar with that defense than Tom Brady ?
  9. Well said ! You pretty much nailed it. we have no shot at winning the division, that's obvious, so the standings don't really matter. We just need to concentrating on improving every week. AS and Co. inherited a 1995 Hindi with a blown engine , no warranty and no credit cards for repairs. Let's just see if we can get the dang thing running before we buy playoff tickets. Chewing on AS won't help a thing. He is an acknowledged offensive mind, but he must play with the cards he has been dealt. Patience please, one game at a time.
  10. They will need a few days to learn at least some of the playbook before any are activated.
  11. He made the correct play, standing there is not interference, making contact, as Ridley did, is. That interpretation of the RUB has been in effect for years.
  12. Have you seen that nose tackle for Tampa ? He is Godzilla, bigger and meaner than anyone on the field.
  13. We won't "Have to hand the game to Tampa" they will TAKE it. So you want Ryan in the hospital for no reason ?
  14. The object woud be to keep Ryan out of the hospital, we are going to lose whatever we decide to do, why get our QB killed ?
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