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  1. Nor is Ryan. The only person that Might be subject to trade is Julio, but not for the purpose of moving up in the draft. People we do NOT have a QB problem here, at least not in the near future. Trading up would be the height of stupidity. If anything, we trade DOWN to fix the real holes in this team.
  2. So you want to dump all the skill players with big contracts and do a full rebuild ? I would guess that one of those decisions would involve Julio . We have good WRs who can easily replace him, not so with Ryan, we can afford his contract, he is the heart and soul of this team and will continue to be for 2 or 3 years, Getting rid of Julio's contract would give us a lot of wiggle room under the cap, as would the extra picks we would get by trading down. BOOM, we are competitive with minimal pain.
  3. Or he could sit for two years and still be a bust. We don't need to draft a QB for a couple of years, MR is still in his prime. We have too many more urgent needs than a QB right now . Trade DOWN , get enough picks to fill major holes, there are plenty, and make us competitive this year. #4 opck is way too valuable to waste on a QB .
  4. ..................and the whole team has jock itch.
  5. Mack's replacement. Hennesy (SP) weighs only 290 or so. You want him blocking 350 lb NGs ? Ryan doesn't. We hafta keep Mack one more year or get a new Center from somewhere.
  6. Ummm 4-12, and 7-9 are not being competitive. Winning records are competitive. There will be a Pop quiz Wednesday, better study.
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