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  1. He talks almost as fast as one of those guys who read the disclaimers at the bottom of the drug commercials on TV.
  2. Coach Smith is sometimes difficult to understand, he doesn't enunciate words very well, does he have a slight speech impediment ?
  3. Way too early to give an intelligent answer to that question. He could be a bust or a star. Time will tell.
  4. Wonder if Julio will wear #77 like he did for the Falcons.
  5. Like what position he played ?
  6. MR hater , that question has been answered, go hate somebody else.
  7. Whoop de doo ! In other news, grass is green.
  8. Rolland Lawrence CB, was toast in that game.
  9. Thanks for the link Retro, Now i have a better idea of his abilities. I think he is better than anything we have had lately, I hope he stays healthy. We will still need a capable alternate back.
  10. John Madden said more than once that year ,that the Falcons were the best TEAM in the NFL. I'll never forget that game with Dallas , when we had them on the ropes. We had been a 4th quarter miracle team all year, coming from behind to win games. Cowboy Drew Pearson had scored a TD to pull ahead, but we all knew that Bart would save the day, he had done it so many times before. It was fourth and long and Bart went back to pass. When it fell incomplete, the silence in the stadium was like a funeral. We couldn't believe it. That one still hurts.
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