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  1. The rare "game-losing touchdown". Only the Falcons. It was almost as funny as the time they lost to KC in 2016 on the first pick-2 in NFL history.
  2. This picture sums up the 2020 season perfectly. Only the Falcons could score a game-losing TD.
  3. I'm not even mad. At this point it's just gotten to be truly impressive and incredible to watch. This team has perfected the art of the choke. We are witnessing a dynasty that may never be matched.
  4. Name the best wide receivers of the last 25 years. I'm talking elite talents--guys whom you could build an entire offense around. -Julio Jones -Antonio Brown -AJ Green -DeAndre Hopkins -OBJ -Larry Fitzgerald -Dez Bryant -Andre Johnson -Calvin Johnson -Steve Smith -Chad Ochocinco -Randy Moss -Terrell Owens What do they all have in common? Zero Super Bowl rings. Zip. Goose egg. Not saying we should trade Julio (we shouldn't, IMHO), but I'm saying that championship teams aren't built around wide r
  5. I love a smash-mouth running game as much as the next guy, but this team was built on the model of the 2006 Colts. Accurate pocket passer, elite skill-position talent, opportunistic defense. Get out to a big lead and let the pass rushers pin their ears back. It almost worked, but the problem is that we don't have 2006 Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney on this roster.
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