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  1. But what would we do if Matt (i hope doesn’t happen) goes down. And he has to step in for a month or so then what
  2. I have A question if both were on the board who would you rather draft; Deion sanders or Lawrence Taylor.
  3. Ricardo Allen is atrocious man pathetic smh
  4. Did you see how fast the defensive line was getting in the backfield. The man literally had no time. I mean I’m really hoping the panthers beat the football team. So we can have a top three pick
  5. I am so tired of these wishy washy fans. The Chiefs are 13-1 just because they didn’t put up 40 points today people are questioning EB saying he has Dan Quin written all over him in actuality our defense is playing a **** of a game. With our offense I think EB would be great
  6. That’s absolutely true i never ever liked the DK hire he should have been gone with DQ it’s pathetic man
  7. Like very badly KAZEE is Terrible man. Can’t cover can’t read and diagnose plays just awful man
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