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  1. And again, every single NFL player, from starter captain to practice team, every one had to consent to a full array of vaccines to play in college. And by next August every college student will need proof of C19 vaccine added to their list of over a dozen already required by every college in America. I really don’t get the reluctance to save your teammates from a potentially career ending virus. Get the shot. If you can take a hit from a linebacker you can half-man-up and get a stupid shot.
  2. If you were a rookie or on the edge of the 53 last year would you opt out?
  3. Why not? I agree let him compete for the time. Can't hurt for sure.
  4. If you skipped the video you missed the bigger issue... Booger sweating bullets. I think he has the 'rona! Speedy recovery to you.
  5. You are right. I'm not saying he isn't good. I'm asking what did he do to stay that way? And the question can go for anyone who voluntarily opted out. Would any player who opted out last season also opt out of next season or preseason or camp? I think it is fair to ask if there is a performance improvement or decline. That's all. I already said he was good, he was a leader on the squad.
  6. I take it you mean in 2 or 3 seasons. Honestly as much as I like Fields today I see him as less durable than Mac. I see guys like Mac Jones and Sam Ehlinger as hanging around in the league and waiting their turn and both with the long-view ability to dominate. But not this year. So my idiot opinion is we don't need the guy today, we need the next guy to be ready. So that might be Mac, I think he has the future to win a Lombardi somewhere. I'm also the first to say everything is a gamble. Draft, FA, current roster. Nobody can say for sure who stays healthy all season. The QB
  7. Rousseau was really good a couple seasons ago. Is he still? That's my question. Does a guy who chose to sit a year still have the fire he had in 2019? Not trying to be a jerk in asking, just asking. He selected not playing over being a starter at The U. Does he still have it?
  8. Sam Howell will most likely exit into the draft after next season. As it stands today Trevor Lawrence has no remaining ACC records that Howell can't reach by next year or hasn't already surpassed. He is by a mile the best quarterback in college going into the 21 season. And I can't wait to see him on Sundays. But no way we are in a position to pick him next year. We got some games to win!
  9. I was hoping this turned into a hokey pokey thread. Darn! But anyway, draft a QB as a backup who can take the reins whenever that is needed. Because football is scary with big dudes trying to hit you. And at some point we'll need someone who can step in that has learned from Ryan and knows the scheme inside and out. That's a way better move than finding a soggy old dude in FA and paying too much. Ryan is the guy. But there are no guarantees in football. My opinion. And if they start with their right foot in that's great as long as they take it out too.
  10. Really hope we take a look at Caden Sterns in the draft.
  11. I agree, I like C P. I am really looking forward to punching through the Saints, just me?
  12. Patterson is interesting. He's got a lot of ability. Where will he be utilized? I guess we'll find out after the summer.
  13. Big fan. Was a good pick that has worked out very well and he has a lot of up side. Edit to say it just shows you a pick you love is no guarantee of success and a pick you're not sure about is no guarantee of failure. This was a good pick. Credit where it is due, nice job on that one.
  14. Huh, at least he's a TE. What worries me is "Rise Up" on the announcement. Thought we threw that in the lake.
  15. It's football. Everything is a gamble. Look at Dallas and Dak. Gamble. Who we draft or acquire is a total risk, no matter who. The what if scenarios work both ways. I am feeling pretty confident in TF and AS, I know they want to pull up the team. Whether that means O or D as a priority, they've got it. All I can do is believe.
  16. I would expect the staff to attend a lot of pro days. Why not? Fields or not, that's all they can do with the state of travel and access right now. Gawd I can't wait to be in a seat! Saw a minor league baseball game last week and it was like the friggin' Olympics. It was outside and there were other people there and they liked it too. Can you imagine? Not a huge crowd, but not my couch!!
  17. It would be absolutely a bad move in my dumb opinion to skip QB in the draft. We don't have another one and the dudes that keep trying to hit Matt Ryan in games all seem pretty big to me. So if one of those guys (God forbid) lands the wrong kind of hit either our season is fully ended or we have a good plan B. And drafting one early is still a pretty good deal. How much would it cost us in FA for Alex Smith or some other broken, mediocre QB vet? I really don't understand the hesitation unless TF is playing for influence. Look, that's not got anything to do with Ryan, he's the start
  18. I know he can get through and hit the QB. But he really doesn't have a lot of starts. For the minutes he plays he's done really well. Have to wait until season to see how the team will use him. Not being a starter previously might make his cost pretty reasonable. He's certainly good enough that he isn't going to be a liability. So I guess that would make him an asset.
  19. I am guilty as anyone thinking about players, there's no guarantee of anything. College and NFL aren't the same. Plus, even the Jets, all the teams are really close. The delta between 1st and 32nd is pretty narrow. So a player who looks great in college might have so many advantages that it's hard to analyze. You could say that about a lot of players including Matt Ryan fairly. I am super glad it's not my decision to pick the next players. I'm sure that is a lot of pressure. Because it's a total gamble no matter who you pick.
  20. Yeah, gotta agree with @MSalmon , long paragraph. But I get your point. I'm not as hung up on the Super Bowl as I am in the way we responded to it. And I don't think Ryan is the single reason we lost but I do think he played a part in it, the box score shows you all you need to know about the offensive and defensive 4th quarter (0-19). Please note that is not the same thing as pinning it all on one person. But there's still this notion that it all happened around him, totally out of his control. And he (and every Falcon) should be haunted by it because losing sucks. OK, enough ab
  21. Yeah, Sic’em! The down time really slowed them for a while. They came back to life right on time.
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