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  1. We go to Round Rock Express games. Lots of fun and it’s cool to see some of the guys that sat on the rail talking to the kids in the Series. Altuve spent some time there in AAA. So I can’t hate the Stros. They’re actually my favorite AL team. Whatever. Just close it out. Go Braves
  2. Tough. I’m not sure he went around. But it’s in our favor. So !!!
  3. Y’all doing ok? So far so good. A little sloppy fielding but It will shake out.
  4. Not defending any one of them. Just saying it's a stretch to compare a rookie on a terrible team to the all time pass yard leader, 14 year starter. That's all. One is different from the other.
  5. His situational awareness is terrible. He's made 7 tackles this year, 6 were against NYG (credit where due, Great Game for Him). His only other tackle was this week. He has played 5 years and never made an interception, that's a red flag for a DB in my opinion. He's let a lot go because his speed isn't there right now. Maybe somebody else picks him up. But we don't need mediocre secondary players. That's been a big problem for the team. Don't "Falcon for life" a player who shouldn't be on the roster. I am glad AS and TF are making tough calls, that is what it takes to get to the next level.
  6. I get it. Pitts is a very rare catch and he will only get better, glad he's on our team. That said, Ryan is playing great. In that regard The Falcons had a luxury that the Jets or Bears or Jags did not have. I was in the "draft a QB" camp but I have no regret or disappointment about the direction we went. Pitts is a star and next year we will not be choosing 4th, there is no guarantee about any draft but we got a great one this year! We could have drafted a QB but the Jags and Jets, especially had no other option. We had options.
  7. That’s not news. If I had 1 wish for the Falcons it would be to have a complete 4th quarter. AS, if you’re listening, that is job one.
  8. Underrated is the wrong word. I agree. His “rating” is his achievement as a player. “He’s not a scrub” says it all. He isn’t disrespected and the world is not out to get him. I hate that narrative like football happens to Matt Ryan. And I agree more with the rest of the human population and less with TATF on the Super Bowl. Ask Matt Ryan, in the last quarter if he could go back in time and do it all over, is there anything HE would change? I bet there is. And all I’m suggesting is that he is and always will have that monkey on his back until he and we win one. There is a massive amount of respect for Ryan as a QB in the sports media. But that shadow will not go away until it’s fixed. Y’all really need to stop hating the “world” for pointing out the obvious. He didn’t cause “the loss” but he was part of it, he didn’t just witness it. It didn’t happen too him. So go ahead and hate the sports entertainment broadcasters.
  9. Love or don’t love Ryan, either way it’s not reasonable to compare him to the rookies this year as a whole. A lot has changed since 2008. But you can fairly compare him to another 2008 draft pick, Joe Flacco. Ryan had a better rookie year. Flacco was Super Bowl MVP in 2012. Both have had some very productive seasons. Flacco has 40.9K yards, 224 TD, 144 interceptions and lifetime rating of 84.1. Ryan has over 57K yards, 351 TD and 162 interceptions and lifetime rating of 94.6 if I’m doing my math halfway correctly. If you’re going by numbers Ryan is clearly the best of his draft class. If you’re asking Flacco, I’d bet he’s cool with that ring. There’s no doubt Ryan has had a great career. But nobody here can guarantee the QB 2021 rookies will or won’t win out over their careers.
  10. We did not win by 2 scores! I certainly whiffed that one. But still happy with the W.
  11. We’ll have to see what Smith and pals come up with. Diggs is great but 1 guy in the back doesn’t shut down the offense. Some teams overlook Vander Esch, he isn’t always the first one there but he finishes and he is a game changer that flies under the radar. On O I think Zeke is back (I wouldn’t have worried about him last year) but we do pretty well against the run. I think I’m more worried about their secondary. If Ryan and the receivers and TEs can out scheme we’ll be competitive. Pitts will be key to this game. Can’t wait until halftime to figure this one out. Dallas will be a coaching test.
  12. Man, I'm not sure about the Boys. Depends on Dak and the injury reports for both teams. They Cowboys are a LOT better than they were last year. But so are we. This is the game I am worried about of these 3. Beat the Panthers. F the Aints. Just give it a go, I think we'll be competitive with Dallas but it's on the road and it will be one of the hardest games all season for ATL. I will be there! But this is the 1 of these 3 that I wouldn't put a bet on. Here's the thing... When we beat the Panthers this week we'll have a winning record for the first time since week 3, 2019. I think that's a motivator you can't ignore.
  13. Go Hawks. If you're playing the saints I'm practically 12th man! Beat the Aints. "Try" not to be too hard on Lattimore.
  14. Chargers don't have an OT that will make as much game day difference as Koo. I'd trade Koo for Bosa if that's on the table. Bosa and a 3rd round. Write it up.
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