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  1. Honestly I hope when there's a gap, a massive gap that you could park a MARTA bus in, and the Falcons only need 2 yards for a 1st down, I hope Ryan runs into that gap. When Ryan has run even a little we have won those games this year. Not saying design run but when the hands guys are all covered and nobody is there just friggin' step on the gas and slide after the stick. Go win the game.
  2. I hear you, brother. In 2019 the Falcons SUCKED. 7-9 is not OK with the talent we have on the field. In 2020 there are 5 games left to win 3 to equal last year's record. So my point is that there was no excuse for him to start 2020 employed by the franchise but since he is, it's foolish to expect a different result. I hope the Falcons win out. But I would not bet my mortgage on it. I hope the Falcons have coaches who bring something valuable to the table next year. But I'm not expecting a miracle. Who knows. Maybe Morris is the guy? But DK is a buffoon.
  3. I like Sam a lot. He's tough as nails. It would take a season or so to "break in" to the NFL which is really what we all want, right? I don't see him having a problem benching under Ryan. Also same with M Jones. I love that he's been patient. He sat and waited for the dominos to fall for years before he got his turn and when Saban called he stepped right in. Shows character. Shows that he's a team player. Big 12 has a few really good QBs this year. Skylar Thompson (K-State) was on a tear but injured out for the season. I like Brewer at Baylor, good results with the team
  4. They're both great. Different offense. If you swapped places they'd both still be good. Better? I don't think so.
  5. He's a good coach with the roster tools he has. Wasn't that a fun game?
  6. Yep. First of all, early in his career he's already slightly ahead of Matt Bryant (Sic'Em!). I get it, we all grew up razzing the PK and punter in school. But c'mon, Koo is solid gold money. Said it before, there is no other position in football or any other sport where the fan expectation is 100%. So there's frankly not much dumber than saying a kicker lost a game on a missed FG or won a game on a made FG. Reason is the O is supposed to close the possession. Right? If you drop the ball (pun intended) at the 40 yard line nobody has any business expecting the PK to clean up
  7. Maybe DK has compromising photos of Morris? What else would explain the surprising lack of his dismissal before game 5? p.s. if this is the reason I do not want to see them.
  8. Maybe? There's the Bucs(?) and 2 really strong also-ran teams in NFC West depending who is standing in week 17. Maybe the Vikes or Bears are thinking the same thing. No way an NFC East team makes that draw. I think today there are some teams out front and it's a long shot. I'd say that is a good goal that is attainable but not easy. The Raiders are a good team, far better than some of the guys we lost to this year. So Let's Go! 1-0 today.
  9. Koo is awesome. OK, look, we all love wide outs and QBs and running backs and maybe even a great linebacker but a solid kicker can win your clutch or keep you in a tight one. Problem is people expect a PK to be 100%. No, I'm not / was not a kicker. But c'mon, what other position do you roll over someone when they aren't 100%? It's an obvious do or die type position and there are factors like snapper and holder that can make or break the kick. The point is that it IS NOT THE KICKER'S JOB TO CLEAN UP WHEN THE O CAN'T FIND THE END ZONE. Anyone who thinks Koo is less than a M
  10. Spiller is a good show. On a good day he carries the Aggie O. I like him. Fun to watch.
  11. If the Falcons win out the season and Morris doesn't throw DK under the bus then no, only a moron would keep DK. Yeah, I realize he may not have 100% say in any decision like that. Just putting it out there. The honest answer is I don't care who the GM, HC, OC, DC, or the guy that shouts "col bud-a-wiser" is. I only really care about whether the team wins or loses and has a a better year every year. So unless it's Bill O'Brien we'll have a better chance than we had this year. I hope it's someone who is competent and competitive but none of that matters if AB won't free
  12. 2-3 L-W-L-L-W. Beat Chargers and split Bucs. OK, I hope it's 5-0. That's what I'll be cheering for. But even at 2-3 that puts us way ahead of where we thought a few weeks ago. The Raiders are significantly better than the Panthers and we handled them today. So let's go!!! Proves we can beat tough teams. Even with a couple weapons missing.
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