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  1. Y'all gave me a heart attack last night. Whew. Now go get one on the road. You got game 1, you can win up there.
  2. He's got this. No denying the legend of JJ. But we have a new legend. Rid is a star and he's got upside. I believe he's feeling some pressure but he's good enough, he's ready to be the #1.
  3. AJ is gonna ball out. The second squad will be better in 21, can’t be worse. I don’t agree with last rank at all. But I think middle 20s is fair until we show game improvement. My opinion. But the AJ = Baller statement, not opinion, that’s objective. Safety still makes me nervous.
  4. Bro! I came hear to clear my head of the Hawks. Don’t break my heart. I am not a “profesional” but I admit I struggle to comprehend the Hawks’ strategy of falling way behind a d trying to slingshot around in the last 5 minutes. Please win at home in the playoffs. Not too much to ask. And hey, if Trae is doubled maybe move the ball around.
  5. We can win some games and run the score. Will we win the 1 score games? I hope so. We’ll be better for certain.
  6. Totally. I know our D has had a low patch and the build up looks a lot better for 2021. I am especially excited for our secondary to come up. We honestly did fine against the run but lacked depth in the DBs and of course an edge rush. So I feel good about the steps we've made so far this offseason. I think the seconds are going to pull out a lot more stops for us this year. Looking forward to watching AJT become a leader.
  7. I am not dogging the Falcons. I just think we have so many changes that are all Great Changes, I think there is a possibility we may have a few bumps early as the team adjusts. To me that is acceptable as long as there is improvement as we go. The difference is the Titans won 11 (including postseason) and lost the conference ship to KC. Of course I am hoping we are in the SB in a year but I strongly believe we can be there in 2. Moving from a pass-heavy O to possibly a ground + TE shorter game including changes on the line and a defensive roster and scheme change is a big deal. And f
  8. I don't agree 100%. But anyone is entitled to their opinion. I do not hate the Titans, in fact, I am married to a ravenous Titans fan and (True Story) when my first child was born the nurse brought her into the recovery room and my wife was watching Steve "Air" McNair clean house. The first words my kid heard from mom on earth were "Go Titans! Touchdown!" and I have that on film (because you never let someone forget the first words they say to their baby are about football). Anyway, Tennessee has a shot at being legit this year, deep run or maybe conference finals. I would not
  9. Don't forget, Hurst is pretty good too. He's a useful weapon. Pitts has superstar potential but nobody here can say outright he's All-Pro before he plays an NFL snap. I see it too, I believe Pitts is going to be a killer and I can't wait. But between both Pitts and Hurst I really believe the TE short/ground game plays to Ryan's strengths. Meaning that I think Pitts, utilizing TE in the offense, is better for capitalizing on what Ryan is good at rather than forcing the issue with competing star WRs that don't meet Ryan where he is today. The Falcons are in an ideal position to work Ryan t
  10. Undeniable that we have had great years. But our D has been challenging for a while. I really don't think our problem was the offense as a whole. It's just been inconsistent. Picture 2020 with a RB similar to Freeman (at his prime). We put all our eggs in one basket for the last few years. Our O was too predictable although there were explosive plays made. I know it's not what you asked but the changes we're making now should position us really well over the next few seasons. Can't wait.
  11. Totally agree. Don't need him to be as physical if AS plays tight ends more in the scheme. And Davis could help with that as well. We are on the way up.
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