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  1. Hurst for sure. I think he gets better with more touches, more regular part of the play. Both catching and blocking. Even if we pick up another TE Hurst still wins the lottery under Smith. My dumb opinion. Oh, and I think both Matt Ryan and JJ get ancillary benefit from the above comment. Because Hurst in the game with a more active hands role means defenses can't afford to double JJ, stats increase as a passive result. We know Ryan can find JJ and we know JJ can catch the ball but when he's not doubled so often he'll spring to life. Again, my opinion. I don't think the n
  2. Tight ends are one very key position that makes the Bucs and the Aints and the Niners and Chiefs look so good. We have Hurst. And I’d argue that Hurst could be better but he is underutilized. But a rotating pair of good TE immediately impacts the team AND it positively impacts Matt Ryan by both improved rush blocking and improved completions. Why does TE play improve Ryan’s passing game? Because if DCs think our TE is a catch threat they have to choose between leaving a receiver open or doubling Jones, for example. It’s a total win for us and Ryan. Last year we did not pass or run our TE eno
  3. OK, you caught me. If TF is keeping and extending Ryan he’ll say Ryan’s leadership inside and outside attracted him to take the job. If TF is not planning to keep Ryan he'll say Ryan’s leadership inside and outside attracted him to take the job. Is that better? Aside from meaning the exact thing, is that better? No professional GM is ever going to publicly make guarantees of wins, make easily disprovable statements about performance, or throw any player under a bus or excessively praise any one player. It's just good business. I’m not saying I anticipate a move. Just t
  4. Played 1 game in a year v FCS and everyone else in the draft has gotten better and had D1 live reps. What am I missing? He’s good in the context.
  5. And also there are a crappe tonne of things that make his job attractive. Probably top 2 GM job openings this year. Maybe number 1. Next Shirt Slogan Here!!
  6. Not a mind reader. Or am I, mwah haha. But if TF is keeping and extending Ryan he’ll say he’s an attractive asset and if TF is trading Ryan he’ll say he’s an attractive asset. We will know his intentions after draft and FA and preseason. I’m not saying I anticipate a move. Just that no professional is going to advertise one now.
  7. C’mon. Austin fixed the water so it’s not so nasty, if you know what I mean. It’s any-o’clock somewhere.
  8. Off season. Power and water back on. Snow and ice gone. 77 degrees. I got some day drinking to to. Y’all be nice to each other.
  9. Hadn’t thought about him at 4 but TBH I would be OK with that. We need a TE. Maybe Hurst becomes the man or someone new like Pitts. But Ryan does better in close and a legit every possession threat TE keeps JJ or Rid from being doubled.
  10. I believe we need to utilize TE. I believe we underutilized Hurst. When I have said this before there’s always somebody saying “he dropped a pass”. So did JJ. Everyone drops passes. It’s a weird shaped ball and it’s fast as crap and there are people with helmets trying to hit you. So... Love Ryan or don’t, we should all be able to agree that A - he’s the guy next season and B - he’s way better at short than long these days. TE route play fits perfectly with what Ryan is best at right now. I’m some idiot and I know that. So it kills me that the staff didn’t see that last ye
  11. He knows how to finish games. Only stat that has ever mattered to him or any other champion. And just being honest, we could have any edge rusher in the league, it’s a penalty if you hit him. Double whammy of him being great and the refs treat him like a national treasure. I don’t think we keep Bucs out, not by ourselves anyway. But no reason we can’t split them this year. And flush them next year.
  12. Bet Koo can pitch. But never mind, he doesn’t rhyme with food.
  13. I’m not 100% convinced Lawrence is the best QB in the draft. He’s good. But he’s not Lombardi in a couple years or rookie of the year good. That said, there are a lot of teams in need so I wouldn’t be shocked to see 10 QBs go within first 2 rounds. More likely first 3 rounds. We’ll see. T shirt slogan here!
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