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  1. Lions coach seems to be all for Jamaal Williams as their #1 running back. There is now talk about Gurley going to Detroit. Atlanta should make a trade...Swift would be a perfect fit in Atlanta!!!
  2. Dion Lewis....during Combine was Slightly under 5’7 and weighed 193
  3. Problem with the Falcons is that we are too good each year because of the talent on the team to get a top 5 pick. We have not had a top 5 pick since 2008 when we drafted Ryan.
  4. I have felt that last season and this season, our defense went down when the NFL started coming out with more rules restricting the defensive hitting......I think those rules impacted the way the Falcons defense had been built. Defensive Backs that are hitters but less coverage capable have now become handicapped thus hurting the team more than helping. Our team speed with aggressive hitting is no longer there.
  5. I am having questions about Hurst. I thought he would be a very good TE for Atlanta. Hurst missed a block earlier in the game permitting Ryan to get sacked. I noticed him with his mouthpiece not in his mouth a the start of the play....that telegraphed that he was not going to be doing anything on the play (which he didn't...it was a running play going the opposite of where he was). I have been questioning why they have not been throwing the ball to him more often....maybe it is Hurst? He was the #2 or #3 TE for Baltimore, maybe there was a reason?
  6. The reality is......who would you replace him with??? That would be available and would accept??? I would not promote anyone from his staff.
  7. Shameful performance.....This team plays with no emotion. No emotion on the bench. No emotion on the field. No emotion from the coaches. It appears no leadership on the field or on the sidelines.
  8. Well....this is probably the worse loss that I have seen in my 34 years of watching the Falcons....yeah, even worse than the Super Bowl (not the importance of the game...but just the way things unfolded). I don't understand why our Defensive Backs cannot stop the passing attack....this has been two weeks back to back of making the opposing QB's look like the greatest ever. Yeah, you have to hold the coaches somewhat accountable....but you must also hold the players accountable too. Julio dropping a TD pass....ughhhhh The penalty on 4th down...Russell Gage's drop on the first series....Our defense went down after Tak went out; are we that bad without him??? And then the Special Teams snafu....
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