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  1. You're all cowards talking tough on the internet. I would embarrass you if we ever met face to face.
  2. It's easy to talk smack about someone you don't even know over the internet. I bet you wouldn't say that to my face though. Keyboard warrior. Now go to sleep it's past your bed time.
  3. The NFL wanted Brady to win that's all that matters at the end of the day. Oh and I noticed one of you mods keeps deleting my posts and censoring me. Well I'm warning you that if it happens again I'm sueing and you should know that I have two lawyers in my family. 😉
  4. I'm going to tell you all who are not smart enough to realize it once and once only. WE ARE NOT DRAFTING A QB IN THE FIRST ROUND. It is not a need and Matt Ryan is still a great QB. I'm confident we will draft defense in the first round. If they draft offense in the first round it will be a RB or OLineman. Defense is the biggest need on this team and I'm sure they will address it. Remember you heard it here first.
  5. I'm loving these hires it is an exciting time to be a Falcons fan. I have full confidence in both of them.
  6. I do agree that if Matt Ryan is selfless and gives a **** about his team then he should be willing to restructure in the best interest of his team and his chances of winning a Superbowl. This team needs a'lot of help on defense and the offensive line still. We can draft a good RB easily so I'm not too worried about that. As much money as he makes I don't think it would impact his lifestyle much.
  7. The fact that you even asked that question goes to show how little you actually know about Matt Ryans playing ability and the NFL in general. He's been one of the most consistent QB's in the NFL during his career.
  8. What the **** are y'all smoking? QB with the first pick? This team needs to draft playmakers on defense for the first few rounds. Do you people even watch the game's. Our pass defense has been absolutely atrocious outside of A.J. Terrell. I'm just glad that none of you are calling the shots.
  9. It always made sense to me that if you have a solid offense but a poor defense that you try to manage getting as much time of possession as possible to give your defense a rest so that they don't get gassed like the Falcons did in the second half of the Superbowl. The Falcons might benefit more from a West Coast offense. Besides that the 3-4 defense seems more effective in today's NFL like the Raven's and Steelers defense.
  10. I know that's what they had to do I said the same thing. But let's be honest nobody ever wants to see the Atlanta Falcons win a Superbowl except for us true Falcons fans. I love the city of Atlanta more than any place on earth. No matter how bad my team is I will never turn my back on them or this City.
  11. Like I care what some nut who goes around impersonating famous people has to say. Isn't that illegal by the way? I'm pretty sure you're not Arthur Blank.
  12. Lot's of fake Falcons fans on this board I see. How about being mad at the refs who clearly helped rigged the game for the Lions to come back and win it.
  13. That's because the NFL is rigged. It was created by a group of Gamblers.
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