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  1. I thought I read that he has already signed with another team.
  2. Falcons claiming a win against the bye week thus our record will be 3-3.
  3. What about Darren Hall? Wasn’t he drafted in the fourth round? Have heard almost nothing from or about him since training camp although I did see him on the field today (#34). Hopefully he will develop at some point.
  4. Willie Gault played on that Griffin team if I am not mistaken.
  5. Live in Winter Haven, Florida. Originally from Griffin, Ga and later moved to Valdosta. A couple of years later sometime in the late 70’s the Griffin Bears played the Valdosta Wildcats for the state championship. I could not choose who I wanted to win because I had friends and classmates on both teams. The game resulted in a tie and at that time the state didn’t allow overtime so both schools were declared co champions. I believe that is the only time that has ever happened. I was probably the only person in the state of Georgia at that time who was satisfied with the result.
  6. Well. Urban Meyer is not our head coach so there is that.
  7. Please Mr Blank. Just a little more time. I know I can deliver. No need to feed me to the fishes.
  8. Isaiah Oliver has appeared to have turned into a good player at nickel back. Anyone else notice that after he left the game the defense got notably worse. I mean much worse.
  9. So true about the teams and the coaching these guys get may have more to do with their struggles than anything. Look at how well Sam Darnold is doing so far this year with a more competent coaching staff.
  10. The last two drives by the Falcons. The touchdown and then the field goal are what we were hoping to see all along. Hopefully the offense is starting to gel. At least it did today when it needed it the most.
  11. I’m wondering if Gono getting hurt didn’t blow up the coaching staff’s entire plans. It’s possible that he was to either be the starter at guard or maybe move McGary over to guard and allow Gono to take the right tackle position and allow Mayfield to be the swing or backup guard while he learns. They tendered Gono a lot of money just to be a swing tackle. Or maybe I’m just bored and overthinking the whole thing.
  12. Beginning to think maybe we should have used that second rounder on an o-lineman. There were still some good ones to be had I’m sure at that point.
  13. He only had one job…….just one. Ok I know he was the holder too but still.
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