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  1. Pitts fans: No reason to worry. He may be here to push Graham. I hear that this guy Becker is great at falling on top of on-side kicks.
  2. I would have been ok with bringing Harris back but he was an unrestricted free agent and it may have been his decision not to come back.
  3. I think the bigger story would be why would a team not show up?
  4. How about this for a matchup problem? Say on any given play where Julio is on the sideline coach Smith uses Pitts as a wideout in place of Julio with Lee Smith and Hurst as the two in-line tight ends. Is it a run or is it a pass? You have your two best blocking tight ends in the game and maybe not even a drop off at receiver. This keeps everyone fresh as well as a continually confused defence.
  5. Kind of like the time we had the first overall pick and took Bruce out of Auburn. He was the best available in a horrible draft class.
  6. I think at 4 we may just be Chase...ing dreams
  7. Anyone remember Joel Williams from the grits blitz days? He only played for the Falcons for 2 or 3 years but that guy had a ton of sacks in a short period of time. Too bad the NFL did not keep up with them back then.
  8. Notice nothing is listed prior to 1976. Up until somewhere in that time period the NFL did not keep a record of sacks. If so Claude Humphrey would probably top that list as well as others such as John Zook and Tommy Nobis being included on the list.
  9. Maybe we could afford to sign the Guard that the Saints cut (Eason I believe) to play the other guard position. That would complete this whole mock
  10. Exactly right. Jeff George was who I was thinking about when I read your post.
  11. We had that guy White Shoes Johnson back in the day too. He was above average I would say.
  12. It might be a nice change to bring in Titan and Saints players as opposed to Jaguars and Buccaneers players all the time.
  13. Not a bad idea if the new regime believes in him. Would probably have to involve a team wanting to trade up for a playmaker as opposed to a quarterback though.
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