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  1. Shocked it didn't happen this week, unless the report of an offered first rounder was BS.
  2. They had a feature about Deion today that brought back memories.
  3. @JD dirtybird21 @VTCrunkler Is there a path to getting un-excommunicated? My other account got banned 3 years ago 😂
  4. Followed the team for decades, but I joined in 2004 after that amazing win vs the St. Louis "Freds." Got banned a few years back but always enjoyed the good-natured ball-busting here, until the newer mods got trigger-happy with the banhammer. Btw, who do I get to unban my old account? @ya_boi_j 😉
  5. If anyone on the defense had a sack, the team wouldn't have been sub .500 multiple years.
  6. "Sorry, kid. No space for you on this team: just look at our trophy case" 🤐
  7. Been saying this since I saw us force zero punts vs GB as a #1 seed the previous year. Glad someone here has some sense.
  8. Blank is killing this team with his emotional sht.
  9. SBLI is THE lowest this franchise has ever hit SO FAR 😄
  10. Traveling cross-country definitely takes a toll vs sleeping in your own bed, so homefield does play a part, just not necessarily the whole 12th man BS.
  11. In fairness, some fans have PTSD from decades of cartoonish losses by these Birds. Imagine putting all your chips in in 1980, 1991, 1998, 2004, 2012, and 2016, and still feeling like you slammed your junk in the door when they crap the bed in the big games. Some of us have, and still ride with these guys, but after all the losing, some fans are just plain too old for this sht 🤣
  12. Agreed. AND YET, when we say this, certain fans think we're not real fans because we demand excellence. Crazy stuff.
  13. He'll put up solid numbers, which will be overshadowed by the team's overall record. I expect a big second season though when certain personnel changes.
  14. As bad as 2016 was, as a whole 2012 was worse for me. At least when 2016 came, I was already cautious BECAUSE of 2012, but in 2012, I was all in. 2010 was also a gut-punch, especially losing like that as a home 1 seed, and the GB fans were pure a-holes. And to think, win that game and Rodgers isn't all over these dang commercials.
  15. Man, our jerseys are garbage 🤭
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