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  1. He must have been watching cooking shows.
  2. The front office in SF is still in play, and they didn't make half the miscues that ours did.
  3. A brand new front office (hoping McKay gets a job with the league office too) 😉
  4. I was answering the question of why the rivalry didn't get much press outside of our markets. Every rivalry is big to those two fanbases, but that goes without saying.
  5. I had a field pass when they debuted those. It was a great look, but only the Raiders should be wearing black.
  6. The teams are relatively young, and they weren't relevant until somewhat recently, so the rivalry didn't get noticed until the 21st Century. Being moved to our own division probably helped because we were both an afterthought being in a division with the 69ers.
  7. There was plenty of hate after Katrina when 1) a ton of them moved here, and 2) they won a Superbowl. I'd say it was even worse than the old NFC West era because back then both teams were garbage, but when they won, they became some major league d-bags. But it was fun snatching their dainty little umbrellas when they tried that second line at our home games.
  8. Safe bet is to sweep the remaining AFC West games, and lose all the NFC South games, but I think the Bucs blow at least one of those matchups.
  9. This is what scares me. Meanwhile, I'm shocked to see Armstrong on this list, although the year before he got released here, I thought he'd be a good HC candidate somewhere.
  10. I heard that! Always enjoy that segment, but spit out my beer on that one!
  11. This guy has been the silver lining of the whole season.
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