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  1. Shocked it didn't happen this week, unless the report of an offered first rounder was BS.
  2. They had a feature about Deion today that brought back memories.
  3. @JD dirtybird21 @VTCrunkler Is there a path to getting un-excommunicated? My other account got banned 3 years ago πŸ˜‚
  4. Followed the team for decades, but I joined in 2004 after that amazing win vs the St. Louis "Freds." Got banned a few years back but always enjoyed the good-natured ball-busting here, until the newer mods got trigger-happy with the banhammer. Btw, who do I get to unban my old account? @ya_boi_j πŸ˜‰
  5. If anyone on the defense had a sack, the team wouldn't have been sub .500 multiple years.
  6. "Sorry, kid. No space for you on this team: just look at our trophy case" 🀐
  7. Been saying this since I saw us force zero punts vs GB as a #1 seed the previous year. Glad someone here has some sense.
  8. Blank is killing this team with his emotional sht.
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