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  1. It honestly all comes down to Julio, it was the same when he was out earlier in the season. Matt looks panicky whenever hes not on the field.
  2. He's a fine OC but nothing special. He's nowhere near the level of some of the other creative OCs around the league and still calls some v frustrating plays, particularly on 2nd and 3rd downs. This offense is not bad but definitely isn't living up to its potential.
  3. Could this be the chance for someone like Mike LaFleur to come back as OC? Probably won't be here long if he's successful but could be a good step up for him
  4. He's looked scared and lost since Julio went out. Without Julio, MR2 wouldn't be anywhere near the HoF conversation
  5. We need to start interviewing early though, especially if we want Bieniemy
  6. One of my issues with Koetter is his absolute refusal to use Gurley or Hurst in the passing game. TGIII was at his best as a dual threat back in LA and Hurst is so much more than a blocker. He'd be following Quinn out the door if I had the choice.
  7. Quinn has to go before we start winning. At some point people will get healthy and figure their sh*t out and looking at the schedule there are some very winnable games ahead. I don't think i can take another late season surge that keeps Quinn in his job and ruins our draft pick 😫
  8. I think we always knew we had absolutely no depth and that any injuries would ruin us. That being said, I think they've all got to go - coordinators, conditioning staff, OL coaches, the lot.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/qb-index-week-2-josh-allen-cam-newton-surge-up-ranks 3. Russell Wilson (⬇️ 1) The Let Russ Cook campaign worked! After years of clinging tightly to the notion that his team never loses by more than a touchdown because his conservative offensive formula allows the game to stay close enough for his quarterback to take over in crunch time, coach Pete Carroll finally conceded that Russell Wilson needs to be in total command of the offense from the opening whistle. By several measures, including early downs, Seattle's brain trust called the highest ratio of
  10. Footballstream.tv usually works for me. Good to hear from other UK Falcons fans!
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