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  1. I think Mayfield has been taking a lot of reps at RT this week so I guess Andrews is the backup LG.
  2. For me, there's no pressure for them to win at all, especially with the cap situation as it is. It gives them the perfect opportunity to evaluate the players they've got and answer some key questions without being on the hot seat. Questions like: has Matt Ryan still got it? Is Kaleb McGary any good? Is Calvin Ridley a true WR1? Can Dante Fowler step up? Is anyone in our secondary actually any good? They can then try and fix those problems next year and properly go for it. Any wins this year are a bonus.
  3. This was always how it had to be for us: using the pass to set up the run rather than the other way round. Love to see it
  4. Interesting that we seem to be pretty close to NO, I wonder if Terry has brought over some tips.
  5. Just a few of thoughts from this draft: 1. Clearly the theme for this draft is versatility. From Pitts to Mayfield to Williams, these players can play multiple positions and hopefully cause mismatches or confusion for the opposition 2. I think it's clear that we were very confident in our evaluations seeing as we "reached" a few times compared to consensus draft boards. We were second only to the Raiders for difference in value compared to the consensus. This is not necessarily a bad thing as those boards are often flawed and there are far more factors at play than just tape/analytic
  6. Pretty strong first draft from the boys, some potential hidden gems in there amongst the big names
  7. Chargers had a good draft, they've done a great job of turning round that roster
  8. Fun fact: was a TE and punter in high school! The theme of this draft is definitely versatility...
  9. The browns are absolutely killing this draft (at least from the analysts' perspective). Could be a scary team next year
  10. They've brought him in for interview as well so they must be interested. Just depends on who's BPA when were on the clock, bring it on!
  11. Listening to yesterday's press conference I can definitely see us going CB with one of those first 2 picks, Tay Gowan would be my guy there. I'd like us to attack RB and DE early as well. There's a bunch of DT talent in these next few rounds like Bobby Brown and Marvin Wilson (and Khyris Tonga!) that we could look at
  12. DJ had him as one of the last players still available from his top 50. Clear BPA pick with big potential and fills a need at G
  13. Looks like the Kyles are gonna be division rivals
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