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  1. I like those two as late round WRs but I'm more interested in the S Gillespie. He doesn't seemed to get talked about as much as Moehrig or Holland but he could definitely be a later round steal. We could need a fair few safeties if we let Neal and Kazee walk.
  2. I know Pees likes to mix up his defensive fronts but what do we think of: Marlon Davidson-FA nose tackle/Tyeler Davison-Grady Jarrett as the interior of a 3-4? Hoping Davidson kicks on in his 2nd year, just not sure where is best to line him up.
  3. https://youtu.be/QIMj75LmSHA This guy is pretty good as well, it's a fairly new channel.
  4. The minimum and maximum cant be the same number so we must be looking at at least $185mn which is getting there 👌
  5. The Athletic's best fantasy fit for Kenyan Drake Kenyan Drake: Falcons – The Titans ranked only behind the Ravens in Rush% (48.8 to 56.0) under Arthur Smith as offensive coordinator. The Falcons, however, were dead last with a minuscule 35.5 Rush%. While the Falcons won’t go from “worst to first,” it’s likely the Falcons offense has more balance, and even with the heavy pass percentage, the backfield only saw 17.4% of Matt Ryan’s attempts the past two seasons (11th lowest). So, Smith wouldn’t hurt the upside of Drake much, who can step into the role occupied in 2020 by Todd Gu
  6. I hope Marlon Humphrey plays more than 8 games for us too 😅
  7. So much of this rides on what the official 2021 salary cap number is. Latest projections are looking at around $180mn but that would leave a lot of teams in hot water so we'll see if the CBA kicks up enough of a fuss to bump it up a bit.
  8. Possibly only as high as 12th but surely he's better than Stafford and Carr. They put Prescott at 16 and he only played 5 games
  9. Him being below Derek Carr automatically makes this list invalid
  10. I think the dolphins taking a WR could be best case scenario for us. Heck, we could maybe even persuade Cincinnati to trade up a spot for Sewell because they love him so much over there, then maybe trade down again with a QB needy team.
  11. I think it's also worth looking at Washington's recent draft history with Kyle Smith on board now. Their recent drafts seem a lot more promising (minus Haskins who was Snyder's pick) so hopefully he's got a decent say in this one.
  12. The Dolphins picking Sewell at #3 could be the best scenario for us (unless our FO are desperate to get him) because it makes our decision easier and will put us in the driving seat for controlling how the next few picks turn out. Can then pick the 3rd QB (not for me) or hopefully trade back.
  13. I don't know about this moving tackles to guard business but surely we'd be better off replacing McGary if we drafted Sewell? Jakey boy played RT in college so surely could slot in there with Sewell protecting MR's blind side. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2014/4/29/5666812/jake-matthews-would-be-a-natural-fit-at-rt-for-the-falcons
  14. The idea that we have the same odds as Denver is crazy
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