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  1. Yeah our OL problems were the main problem of our offense. For most of the season we were abysmal at LG,RG and RT. Got better once Lindstrom got healthy and McGary got a little better. Hoping its better this year. Some does fall on Koetter for not going to heavier protection but at the same time you wanna use your weapons and rely on Matt to get the ball out.
  2. Honestly, and I know this kinda an unpopular opinion, but I have some Fresno State all-22 so i checked out Mykal after we picked him. I didn’t like him at all. I could see him filling in at the 3rd linebacker when we go 43 personnel just because we don’t really have anyone else. I think more likely though we run a lot less of the 43 personnel. I think right now he’s a backup to Foye and ideally doesn’t play much — but I havent seen any camp so Maybe hes Come along!
  3. I think that's one of the more interesting things to me with Henny at LG, he moves so well but he lacks so much power at the POA. I can't see how you run out there and feel confident about running IZ behind him/mack to that left side. But with McGary and Henny now, you've got two guys who can pull and wrap and do all these great gap scheme stuff. Jake can move as well so you can get into the GT counters etc. I think our line now is much more gap scheme built than anything (strong, big tackles who can gap down and guards who can pull and move in space), which is maybe why I don't buy we're goin
  4. Right. At it's core it's still stretch but those slight variations make all the difference. Really, we're actually trying to reach and block guys versus just hooking and running to the sideline which is more of what true "stretch" is. And even in true stretch you're probably looking for that cutback, there's just a lot more movement because you're just haulin *** to the sidelines. Didn't really want to get into the zone variations, but yeah. I disagree that it's inherently more/less effective, just requires a bit different personnel and looks a little different. If you wanna check out som
  5. Yeah I'm really interested to see the personnel and how we line up, Week one vs when everyone is healthy. Really, it's all about that Sam, which is what we/Seahawks-Defensive-System call that outside linebacker/safety/corner/hybrid guy. It'll shake out to being the same thing as a base (the 4-2-5 structure etc) but just is that position primarily a safety or a corner. And thanks all! Next is a breakdown/overview of what we did well/bad against Seattle and then of the Cowboys, and that's how it'll go each week. Want to have those videos be a bit shorter and more digestible --
  6. Hey guys! Like he said, I made this video. For some context, I've coached at a nationally ranked High School and also at a D1 College. I'm not coaching anymore (my own choice I didn't get shunned lmaooo) but obviously the interest doesn't go away so figured I could start making some content. Hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you have any questions/comments/etc!
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