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  1. You can still spread it around with tunnel vision he just doesn’t look off too much and it’ll be six the other way buddy. Stop day drinking please
  2. Yeah but he dials in on one receiver too much and Adams will feast on his booty tomorrow morning home boy. Woof woof woof GO HAWKS!!!!!
  3. Did y’all stock up on centrum silver for Ryan this year?
  4. Jimmy G top 15 😂 he’s a bum he didn’t even attempt many passes in a gimmicky running offense.
  5. 11-5 sure but you’re starting 0-1 on Sunday buddy. I guarantee it
  6. Matt Ryan makes some good points however both teams will be at the same disadvantage so it’s moot. But defensively I like Seattle way more especially back 7. Adams will be in the box blowing up the left tackle and tight end half the time and stuffing Gurley’s ***** *** knees and his arthritis which is bone on bone.
  7. Do you watch football? He had his best year as a pro last year and lead the league in tackles 😂 sounds like a 49er fan to me with wishful thinking
  8. Vaseline is what you’ll need on Sunday for your butthole buddy. The Hawks are a Super Bowl caliber squad Einstein. Tears will be shed by you and many others on Sunday my guy. I like Seattle by 10
  9. Falcons defense is a big question mark buddy especially the grubby *** secondary 😂 Our defense is much better than ATL. You’ll have a hard time getting points I guarantee it
  10. Clowney doesn’t want to sign with a scrubby team doe
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