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  1. I'm not a big Riddick fan. His mock drafts have been TERRIBLE. I'm hoping for the combination of Champ Kelly and Robert Saleh... that would be awesome!!!
  2. I'm not a Riddick fan, at all. He is a TV personality, not a great judge of talent. Go back and look at his published Mock Drafts the last few years. Here's one from 2017 where he suggested the Browns should take Solomon Thomas instead of Myles Garrett #1 overall and he also had Trubisky as the Top QB in the draft and DeShaun Watson wasn't even ranked in his first round. https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/4/26/15434992/nfl-mock-draft-2017-louis-riddick-espn-myles-garrett-49ers-jamal-adams
  3. Champ Kelly. Young, innovative, seen it done at 2 different teams (was with the Broncos during their most recent Super Bowls, now Bears). The Bears roster is actually really good other than QB (and their O-Line has been decimated by injuries this year too). He'd be my pick.
  4. The timing is going to be tough... particularly if we want a guy who is currently working with another team. We'd have to get permission to interview those candidates, and that might not happen until their current teams are out of the play-offs.
  5. Long-time SI reporter Peter King always has sound information. He listed his Top 5 guys likely to land GM jobs this year (no particular order): a) Rick Smith (ex-Houston); b) Louis Riddick (ESPN); c) Champ Kelly (Bears-Broncos); d) Ed Dodds (Indy); and e) Will McClay (Dallas). "Sense I get from conversation with two veteran team executives over the weekend: The field of general manager candidates is better than the field of coaches. "The GM list is very impressive-very impressive," one said. "Coaches are okay. But I won't be surprised to see a team on the fence with their current guy willing to get rid of him of him because of the crop of candidates out there." Rick Smith (ex of Houston), ESPN's Louis Riddick (lost of to Dave Gettleman with Giants), riser Champ Kelly, Indy's Ed Dodds and Will McClay of Dallas are all strong, and there's a pool of six or eight more that some teams are investigating."
  6. I'd be happy if it was Champ Kelly. He's gonna land one of these open jobs this year!
  7. Current score on our bet: Leonard Floyd: 7.0 sacks; Dante Fowler 2.0 sacks Do you admit defeat yet? 😁
  8. Yah... that is a sound argument too. But Champ has 12+ years on his resume. I'd be happy with either pick, but would still be leaning to Champ.
  9. I would agree with your take here. Of that list of 4 candidates we are reportingly interested in though, I still prefer Champ Kelly as my top pick. I'd like a young, innovative leader with experience seeing it done more than one way with multiple teams. The Bears have a pretty good roster (other than QB) and he was part of building the Broncos teams that played in their most recent Super Bowls.
  10. I'd pass on Louis Riddick. I'd take 3 guys on the list they put out before him.
  11. He also signed Brock Osweiler to a $72 Million deal. THAT was not good...
  12. Definitely not. The best person needs to get the job. But I if its a dead heat between two candidates, I'd give it to the minority. I think it would be good for the culture of the building... 70% of the players are black, it could create a more trusting culture. I'm not saying go out of your way to do it, but I'd go that way if its close.
  13. I've lived in Houston now for several years and have followed their team. I'm luke warm on Smith. We were really never more than an average team. I would say **** NO to O'Brien though! That guy is a CANCER! I would be shocked if he lands anywhere in the NFL again. He should go try and bully some college kids.
  14. I agree too. That being said, if the decision is close, I would prefer to see a minority get it to help knock down some barriers in the League. When you see the inexperienced and unqualified idiot like the preacher who is currently running things in Houston, the real candidates who have jumped through all the hoops and done things the right way just have to be shaking their collective heads.
  15. That would be the wrong way of doing it, imo. Hire your GM first, let him pick his HC. That relationship is important and should be authentic from the beginning, not forced.
  16. Agreed. Champ Kelly from the Bears would be my pick. He was part of building those dominant Denver Broncos teams a few years back as well. Very experienced with two different clubs despite being young. Seems like a positive leader, sounds innovative, and a former SEC player to boot! 😁
  17. 100% agree with you... either would be good, but I really am leaning towards Kelly. I had mentioned on here a few months ago that Champ Kelly would be a great choice. Despite being young, he has a ton of experience with two different franchises, has been part of Super Bowl teams, and sounds like a real positive and innovative leader. Smith would be decent choice, but I am really hoping its Champ Kelly!
  18. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere already, but I just saw on footballscoop.com the Falcons have 4 candidates currently on their list to interview: Rick Smith (former Texans GM) Champ Kelly (current director of personnel at Bears; was with Denver during their most recent Super Bowl appearances) Brad Holmes (director of college scouting with Rams; been there a long-time) Reggie McKenzie (former Raiders GM)
  19. Get the GM first, then let him pick the head coach. Otherwise, you have created a potential division right off the bat. We need to make sure those two guys can work together, first and foremost.
  20. Bring in the priests for the exorcism.
  21. Champ Kelly of the Bears as GM and Eric Bienemy. I read a post they have the same agent and may be a package deal. I'm not a big fan of rookie Head Coaches, but he is as deserving as anyone I suppose.
  22. It a huge mess over in Houston too. Their cap situation is as bad as ours is, plus they don't have a draft pick until the third round in 2021. Additionally, they currently have a former Patriots and Chiefs Team Chaplain as their interim GM who has ZERO experience in scouting, coaching, or even playing the game in high school. If he stays on board as VP of Football Operations there, that would be a DISASTER. He makes McKay look like Executive of the Year material.
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