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  1. Bring in the priests for the exorcism.
  2. Champ Kelly of the Bears as GM and Eric Bienemy. I read a post they have the same agent and may be a package deal. I'm not a big fan of rookie Head Coaches, but he is as deserving as anyone I suppose.
  3. It a huge mess over in Houston too. Their cap situation is as bad as ours is, plus they don't have a draft pick until the third round in 2021. Additionally, they currently have a former Patriots and Chiefs Team Chaplain as their interim GM who has ZERO experience in scouting, coaching, or even playing the game in high school. If he stays on board as VP of Football Operations there, that would be a DISASTER. He makes McKay look like Executive of the Year material.
  4. The new GM just needs to be polite and say what he needs to say to get the job. Then get into a power struggle with McKay later to gain his autonomy. If the new GM and McKay butt heads after the hiring, McKay will lose that battle... his credibility is shot.
  5. Agreed. He was also part of the Broncos staff when Peyton Manning was setting offensive season records each year in Denver. I have seen several interviews with him and he seems to have an infectiously positive way of communicating that could build a great culture. Just a guy to keep your eye on, imo.
  6. This is a guy to keep your eye on... Champ Kelly: https://www.chicagobears.com/team/coaches/champ-kelly Played big roles in building Denver's Super Bowl defense and then went to Chicago and helped build theirs. Lord knows we need some defense here. He is a young, forward-thinking, up-and-comer who interviewed with the Jets last season.
  7. I just hope we do this the right way. Hire a GM first and then let him pick his coach. The FO and coaching staff need to work together better than DQ and TD did. TD was brutal giving DQ enough help on defense.
  8. Nice job with the list! Petrino was BY FAR the worst!
  9. I will take a proven head coach over a young flavor-of-the-month anytime. Especially given our past history with coaches.
  10. I'm not a fan of the scheme, its the Seattle soft zone philosophy. But if you don't have a front 4 that can get pressure without blitzing, it doesn't work. I think its equal parts scheme and personnel. I want to GM in here has been around some great defenses. That's why I like the Bears Champ Kelly as a possible GM. He played a role in building that ridiculous Super Bowl D in Denver in 2015 then went to Chicago and helped build theirs. Denver hasn't been back to the playoffs since he left. He's my sleeper pick!
  11. I agree with most of what you said, other than your evaluation of Fowler. He is an average-at-best player. We overpaid for him. Its not all about stats, I agree. And our decimated secondary is a big part of our terrible defense. But Fowler has not added much value imo.
  12. I took a lot of heat on this board before the season started for suggesting Fowler was just an average player and that his production in LA was due to Aaron Donald's presence. Grady is a great player, but not in the class as Donald (no one is). The weaknesses of Fowler's game are becoming crystal clear. We overpaid for that guy.
  13. I think you meant a moronic front office. The coaching staff has plenty of blame too, but TD needs to be shown the door with them.
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