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  1. Yeah he's a consistent lil biotch, just like you. Now ban me, punk.
  2. Did anyone expect us to beat the superb owl winner with new coaches with one game under their belt?
  3. Springs is a little back and forth so let's just see what Spriggs can do.
  4. You could just go to a different topic, but if all you want to do is cry then stay . Waa waa waa
  5. I heard that Greg the hammer valentine is his dad. I mean some guy named hammer. Or maybe it was the hammer God thor. I know it is Jesse toggle. Don't lose our best defensive player. I will quit watching.
  6. Tell me again how many superbowls romo won. I guess when franks wins that many, I should get excited.
  7. How, it didn't happen when he was here. It hasn't happened in sf.
  8. Gas cans have caps. This is easier for him to ignite going down the street to flame his crack pipe.
  9. That’s cause he didn’t have lids for those and didn’t want to spill gas on his ride home.
  10. yeah, all teams scout players. And for those that don't know, teams also have in their organizations a person known by the title of scout. It's what teams do.
  11. towering 6'6" and stubby 6'5". so now one inch makes a giant
  12. more than one. seems funny Mahommie gets a pass for no online but Matt gets crucified for the same.
  13. If the coach called him out then the coach must not have known. How is that possible?
  14. so this is a different team than the one he won a sb with. my mistake.
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