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  1. yeah, all teams scout players. And for those that don't know, teams also have in their organizations a person known by the title of scout. It's what teams do.
  2. towering 6'6" and stubby 6'5". so now one inch makes a giant
  3. more than one. seems funny Mahommie gets a pass for no online but Matt gets crucified for the same.
  4. If the coach called him out then the coach must not have known. How is that possible?
  5. so this is a different team than the one he won a sb with. my mistake.
  6. this is exactly the game to prove it. His mobility gone and he couldn't even score a td. I'll take the cumbersome QB that scores. turf toe is a lame excuse. If he was that bad he cost the team the game and his backup should have been in.
  7. your phenom Rogers has one sb. that ranks him right up there with treat dilfer.
  8. along with the ugly gradient uni's
  9. so you're saying he's the first trans owner
  10. but Stafford is still the heart of the Lions, oh wait.
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