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  1. My post was about how bad we were last years first half. Maybe I didn’t convey that, but it’s what I meant. Seems we’ll have the same record this first half also.
  2. I guess they never saw him in Tampa. How we ever got those retreads from there I’ll never understand. They were losers there and there losers here.
  3. So you didn’t watch the first half of last season
  4. But anyone can see they’re not professionals.
  5. This has Quinn stamped all over it. Do you think they become a different team the day he gets fired? It will take time to get the Quinn stink off of them. It’s been 2 games.
  6. And who is this new receiver named Jones with the number 77
  7. I didn't see fowler as all that before coming here. No different than Beasley. Bad to same
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