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  1. That's a word not used nearly enough. Shan't. I applaud you sir, well done.
  2. I have added a CNC machine to the arsenal, for my first project I am going to make a sign for a friend of mine. I am just waiting for some v-bits to come in the mail. I should be able to make it this week. It's going to be on Birch, an inlay carved out to form a frame, the letters are raised. The inlay will be red, the letters white and the wrenches silver and the car black. The border will be stained and all of it clear coated. It should look nice in his shop. I'll post a pic when it's done. Here's the cad of it.
  3. So a friend of mine has an old Chevy LUV that has a 383 stroker in it and has half of it painted and the other half primed for now. He wanted me to do a laser etch for him so I had to finish "painting" it, lol! I took this picture that he sent me...... And I painted the front, removed some of the shadow to make room for the word "Chevrolet" and I put a LUV logo above it. Then... I burned it! 😛 Not too shabby and HE LOVES IT, so I'm happy
  4. True, true Thinking outside (or maybe inside) the box!
  5. If you're into spanking hamsters, these would work!
  6. I made my son a sign for his Mustang. I took a cool pic he had of it and made this : And my wife has been making some mini cutting board Christmas ornaments, Farm House stuff I guess you'd call it. In her words, they are "very cute" 😛
  7. Brother I am way ahead of you, lol! That was the first thing I thought of but I took the risk and left it titled as. Yeah, she's going to do an Etsy shop, she's just been waiting to get more stuff to put on there. I think maybe by the end of the week she'll be rockin' and rollin' there. She's making stuff as I type this.
  8. No, you're fine. I didn't mean to come off as a snarky *** either so we're all good! That's the trouble with text versus speech, it's so easy to get the wrong impression!
  9. I didn't know it was a competition, lol! As for the menu, It's just an example. If you look at the last day, that is more indicative of what we eat 😛 She made it that way in an attempt to be humorous.
  10. Hey guys, I don't know if anyone here is interested in this or not, just throwing it out there. My wife has started a very very small craft business, started off with very small expectations as something to do during the lockdown and it has manifested into her doing more than just vinyl stuff for t-shirts and mugs 😛 . She has expanded to doing wood cutting and engravings, making things like earrings, wood engraved sings and such. We are stepping up the capabilities with a CNC router so we'll be making some larger items soon, maybe some 3d engraved art. She can make personalized items as well.
  11. Blank keeps McKay here because McKay is head of the NFL Competition committee. He thinks it gives him an advantage having him on the payroll. Maybe it does. You have to remember, the NFL is a business and although Blank may want to win, this is a business for him first and foremost. It's about money and in Blank's eyes, Rich is a nice toy to have.
  12. It's not sending a message that you'll get fired 2 games into a season. It's sending a message that since 2017 you have tolerated a terrible coach giving you terrible results and enough is enough and that's why you're getting fired. If anything it shows that Blank is TOO tolerant and any prospective coach in the league already knows this. This isn't a 2 game body of work.
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