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  1. Blank keeps McKay here because McKay is head of the NFL Competition committee. He thinks it gives him an advantage having him on the payroll. Maybe it does. You have to remember, the NFL is a business and although Blank may want to win, this is a business for him first and foremost. It's about money and in Blank's eyes, Rich is a nice toy to have.
  2. It's not sending a message that you'll get fired 2 games into a season. It's sending a message that since 2017 you have tolerated a terrible coach giving you terrible results and enough is enough and that's why you're getting fired. If anything it shows that Blank is TOO tolerant and any prospective coach in the league already knows this. This isn't a 2 game body of work.
  3. Tyler Austin, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player and current (NPB) player for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars. Jill Arrington, sports anchor at KCBS-TV, formerly with Fox Sports 1 and CBS Sports Billy Buckner, MLB pitcher Jesse Baker, former National Football League (NFL) defensive end with the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys Jerome Boger, NFL referee Chris Cockrum, NASCAR driver David Elder, former MLB player Dakota Fanning, actress Elle Fanning, actress Candace Hill, 100-m and 200-m sprint IAAF World Youth Championship winner Ha
  4. LOL! Not this round 😛
  5. We just got back from a trip in River Falls at the gorge. Had a nice time. Thank God above for A/C, lol. I didn't take many pics, my wife took some, she also recorded a video of our neighbor to the right killing a 5 foot long Timber Rattler in the river. Crazy! The guy in the camper to our left was a little too friendly, one of those "low" talkers where you can't really understand what he is saying, lol. The last night there, we saw another human with him, presumably his wife or gf. What was bizarre is that he was playing guitar and she was singing load a
  6. The way of the future I guess! It's crazy to me the power and torque they're getting out of these little engines. My feeling is that there is no replacement for displacement though. I really wanted a V8 5.0 Coyote, but I got such a good deal on the 3.5L, I couldn't pass it up. It makes more power and torque than the 5.0 (w/o mods that is) so I guess I can't complain. I just think that a V8 doesn't have to work as hard to do the same job, therefore it'll last longer.
  7. I am not comfortable towing that much with a 1/2 ton either but I've seen it done. My truck has the "max tow package" and can tow 12,200 lbs. I'll never put it to the test though. The camper I bought my wife weighs somewhere around 3000 lbs, that's no problem but I would be sweating bullets towing over 10,000 pounds with it.
  8. I do understand the worry of having a Turbo but I have had nothing but good luck out of my wife's 2015 Escape Titanium with it's little turbo charged 2.0 Ecoboost engine. That thing is quick too! My F-150 has the twin turbo 3.5L Ecobeast and it pulls great! It's faster than my wife's SUV! I bought an extended warranty just in case though, lol. I have a long time friend that lives in AZ and he just bought a Ram with the EcoDiesel 6 in it and he loves it, gets INSANE gas mileage for a truck. I am just not a Chrysler fan but I hope it holds out for him. He is going to be towing a tra
  9. They're rich, I can't eat much of it but it is good! Try'em, let me know what you think. My wife goes ape**** over them, lol
  10. Alright, here's what you can get from either a butcher or Restaurant Depot. Publix may be able to order them. These are what I was referring to above. Chuck Ribs or Plate Ribs as they're sometimes called. If you're going to eat a rib, eat a RIB by God! LOL
  11. I make it like this 😆 Technically, it's a rub but it's very salty and bacony. It's good on corn and baked potatoes. I normally use actual bacon salt but haven't bought any in a while. I actually prefer this "rub" version because it has a little sweetness as well that's killer on hot buttered corn! This is what I normally use Apparently there is a recipe to make your own as well : https://www.platingsandpairings.com/homemade-bacon-salt/
  12. My wife was feeling puny so I cooked dinner for her tonight. Jalapeno Mac, garlic cheese toast, bourbon and brisket baked beans, corn on the cob, buttered and seasoned with applewood bacon salt. I grilled a big pork loin that I cut in half, seasoned one side with a spicy apple rub and the other with a coffee rub. Both were outstanding but I give the nod to the spicy apple.
  13. @JaGz@Googlywoogly, so I started watching it based on the suggestion. I am still on the first season, I think I've watched six or seven episodes. I like it but what I don't like is how things just pop up in the story without any backstory, like the van in the desert with the girl (I'll not spoil it). I agree about the over the top melodrama, it does get old. I am hoping that it does indeed tone down for season 2 and 3. At this point, I have my wife watching it. I watched the first episode of season one while she was off camping and when she came back, I rewatched it with her and no
  14. Chuck ribs or plate ribs are the ones you want. Dino bones! Big and beefy. I trim some of the thick pieces of fat from them as they are full of inter-muscular fat already and then you can put a few splashes of Louisiana hot sauce on them and rub to coat the entire piece of meat so the rub can stick. Make a rub up of equal parts of coarse ground black pepper, kosher salt and granulated garlic (not garlic powder). Put it in a shaker bottle and keep it shook up as you apply, sprinkle a little, shake bottle, sprinkle a little. The salt likes to settle. Season well. As for spritz, yes, a 50/50 mixt
  15. I like your style! I love the Raptors but dayum are they proud of'em! I'd like to get one of the new tricked out Broncos because I think they'd be a blast. As for a BIG truck, I'd like a F-250 or 350 Super Duty with a big diesel. Those things have over 1000 lb/ft of torque! You could pull out King Kong's teeth with that thing, lol.
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