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  1. Georgia residents; especially those of you living in rural areas like me, join me and calling for Kroger, Walmart, and other grocery stores to limit non mask-wearing people to self checkout only while the rest of us have the option to use a register. Not only would this help to reduce exposure to CoVID 19, but it would also encourage more people to wear masks as they would be able to check out more quickly. Write, call, email, or talk to your local store managers today!
  2. Lol! Ok. Frankly, it's all pretty much what I expected out of a Republican Administration. my life experience has been that, when the GOP is in charge, everything goes to ****. Since nothing is happening that is surprising, shocking, or view changing for me... I've just been checking and occasionally to see what's being said.
  3. Raging pandemic, economic recession, and riots in the streets... But if Democrats get in, I might have to wait a few days to buy my 20th AR-15 in a month. What a tough choice!
  4. That's exactly right. Trump has to go. Once Biden has defeated Trump, he can be impeached, or drop dead, or quit... I don't care about Biden. I care about getting rid of Trump.
  5. Trump should take the opportunity to do some reading.
  6. I'm starting to think that Trump could help things by shutting up. Actually, I always thought that.
  7. Violence is clearly inappropriate in fighting fascism. Just like in WW2, we need to employ polite debate, and compromise, in order to defeat the nazis
  8. Will the brave Haircut Patriots, who courageously protested The covid-19 quarantines a few weeks ago, take up arms against the protesters?
  9. The Right has one overriding goal: to maintain the existing hierarchy. Most American conservatives find themselves somewhere comfortably in the middle of this order, so any threat to this causes their reactionary tendencies to show. Police murder a man over a trivial charge? Menh... Protest of said Injustice, and the multitude of other similar injustices dating back centuries? CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!!! The Right will never respond to Injustice with the same passion that they respond to any perceived threat to the hierarchy.
  10. Yep, spelling America with a K. Order above Justice. Mind your place, and don't get uppity... Or we'll kill you.
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