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  1. But the Falcons would not be the Falcons if they didn't draft a shiny, young WR with their 1st round pick....what is this OL and DL you speak of?
  2. As long as we end better than 4-12, I will be happy because that's improvement from last year. That's all I ask for.
  3. “I just thought Patterson could use a break in the last 2 minutes of play with the game on the line, you know?”
  4. “I thought our offense could just…rely on the defense for stoppage with a 2 point lead…you know?”
  5. This is the NFL. There is no "forget the money."
  6. O-line did not cost us this game. Bad play calling in the last 4 minutes did.
  7. That sort of luck just doesn't happen to Atlanta😔
  8. Harris at 4, then best QB available 2nd round. the best NFL QBs don't always come in the 1st round
  9. But did't Doug Marrone fire Nathaniel Hackett in Jacksonville?
  10. we all need to see more of him. he's only played 5 games this year
  11. ATLyn


    no the time to draft a new QB is now. That way he can learn and mature for 2 years under Ryan, and be ready to take over come 2022-23
  12. ^ they don't have the top spot anymore....Jacksonville does http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  13. ^ I agree with drafting a QB. Ryan is quality, but he's not getting any younger....
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