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  1. Harris at 4, then best QB available 2nd round. the best NFL QBs don't always come in the 1st round
  2. But did't Doug Marrone fire Nathaniel Hackett in Jacksonville?
  3. we all need to see more of him. he's only played 5 games this year
  4. ATLyn


    no the time to draft a new QB is now. That way he can learn and mature for 2 years under Ryan, and be ready to take over come 2022-23
  5. ^ they don't have the top spot anymore....Jacksonville does http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  6. ^ I agree with drafting a QB. Ryan is quality, but he's not getting any younger....
  7. not sure. but every fan's theme song should be this-
  8. We should hire Peyton Manning as the new OC and keep Ryan at least a few more years. P. Manning and Matt Ryan have similar strengths and QB style
  9. Maybe the whole plan is to tank this year to get the top draft pick?
  10. We lost because of 1 play call. All we had to do was run the ball
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