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  1. I'm sorry guys and I'm glad we got the win... But if you think Matt Ryan looked good in this game you definitely have an agenda.... It's okay to be a fan of a player, but come on guys
  2. All I can say is you can never complain about a win... No matter how ugly it was... .. Lol
  3. How in the world can you say that dude he ain't even thrown a pass in this game. I mean this game is so boring ... put him in. You can say what you want ..Ryan is garbage today dude
  4. Not trying to change the subject but how was that baseball game last night ...
  5. Funny thing is what you just said is exactly what I've been saying before the draft.... I told everybody we wasn't going to win this year no chance... And yeah I did want a rookie quarterback Mac Jones but I didn't expect him to start... Yeah won't you go back and look at all the predictions that these people put on here.. go check that out
  6. I agree... Long timer here to . But does being a long time fan mean to just blindly follow every player , every coach and never have any opinions on anything ?! Are you a better fan than me because i wanted to draft Mac Jones this year ?! Are you a better fan than I am because you're happy where this team is and I'm not ?? Explain to me what makes you a better fan than I am ....
  7. So we go from challenging for a super bowl... To now just being competitive.... And you're happy ???
  8. Give it up man .... I compare these Falcon fans to the band that was playing on the Titanic..... They're going to go down with the ship and once they realize it's going to be too late
  9. Gotcha... And I'm with you ... I really didn't go into this game thinking we had any chance to win . Then we started playing a little better, we got it close. And I felt better about the team. Then we got within three, then I started getting my hopes up, and then reality set in . So actually it's my own fault. But I am a fan.
  10. Ok. I see what you're saying . So you're not happy with the game, but you do feel like the team was more prepared.
  11. So as long as we play teams tough but yet never win you're happy with it ?? I'm honestly asking . Have we gotten so bad that just being close is okay ??
  12. Doesn't the final score matter... I mean are we now giving good grades just by getting close at some point in the game ??
  13. It's happening right before I eyes sir... Now most people on here who love Ryan will never admit it. It's happening... Week 2 we haven't won a game.... Go back and look on here and how many people had us projected to win 11 12 maybe 14 games.... No disrespect but there's not a lot of football knowledge on this board. If you don't believe me go back and look at the prediction of what our record would be this year... Then look at the names and their prediction.... And there you go
  14. I know these guys are hurt right now I guess we all are cuz we're Falcon fan. The Matt Ryan era is ending and they all know it. But just go easy on them there's nothing you can say they will not believe it but this year is going to show you. We messed up by taking a tight end number 4 and we got the worst offensive line in all of football. Our safeties are a joke. The only decent cornerback we got gets hurt all the time. And I really don't see this coaching staff being good but it is early. This is a total rebuild and we will be picking really early next year in the draft. But I will be watching every game and I'll be right here with you guys and we'll see what happens
  15. Now that's the Matt Ryan we all know.... And I'm not hating I'm just saying everything has to go perfect for this man to succeed.... It's time fellas
  16. No I disagree... Matt Ryan should have been the quarterback this year's... I mean we're not winning and neither is he I mean I think he's in full decline.... But he still plays this year.. and maybe starts next year but that's when you bring the young QB in ... Then for the next two years you can draft best player available... Offensive line offensive line offensive line... Then in year three to four we're ready to roll
  17. That's why we should have took one of those young quarterbacks... By time this team becomes competitive Matt Ryan will be long gone
  18. You know I'm not expecting to win... But it's nice to see the team play well. Just give us fans something to get excited about.... Let's take this ball and get points
  19. Hey guys Byron leftwich is in pretty good shape. I saw him a year ago and he was real heavy I'm proud of the guy he's really gotten himself in shape... I mean I know this is beside the point but that's cool
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