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  1. Guys, I don't know about yall, but I think Trae Young is a bonafide superstar.............................
  2. I agree. And I'm not knocking trae. See I didn't watch them all year. And then I guess I started believing the hype on all the sports shows about him. But the last few games I just don't see him being a star player.
  3. You know I think the Hawks have done good this year. And I think Trey has stepped up his game. But he's not the player I think we were hoping he was. If he was he'd be playing a lot better. I mean I heard he was a big game player. Sorry guys I don't see it
  4. I actually come to this message board to talk football... And this is the crap I see. I mean it gets worse every week. The Falcons have a chance to win the super bowl. Classic.
  5. I know this is not a popular opinion. But I sure wished Atlanta would have drafted Mac Jones at 4 , and let him sit behind Ryan a couple of years. I know pitts is supposed to be great and all , but I really feel we're going to regret not drafting Jones.
  6. First thing , I haven't seen you on here before. Second , you are a breath of fresh air. Youre a fan of the team, but yet you're speaking truth. And I got to be honest a lot of people I talk to are saying the same thing you do. But you do know on this message board, things tend to be a little Rosy.
  7. I know. And you're right. No one should apologize for being a fan of the Falcons. I'm a fan of the Falcons. I just wish people could , what's the best way to say this, ...... keep things in perspective. Just be real. I do believe though there's a difference between a fan and a fanatic. So I'm going to quit using the word Homer, and start using fanatic. Anyway, you just keep doing what you do brother.
  8. It won't work bro . Common sense on this message board during the off season doesn't exist. And now you're going to be killed by all these message board bullies who have like a thousand post on here which automatically makes them experts. If you want to get along with them, I'll give you a few tips. 1- Matt Ryan's going to be the best quarterback in this division. 2 - Arthur Smith will be the best coach in this division. 3- Ridley will be the best wide receiver in this division. 4-our defense will be the best defense in division. 5- we'll go from worse to first in the division. 6- Matt Ryan w
  9. And not one time have I ever said I didn't like Matt Ryan. Not even once.
  10. Come on man. You seriously think I want the team to lose so I can be proven right ??
  11. I think we're going to have a lot to talk about when the season starts... Going to be fun ...
  12. You know no matter what you talk about, no matter what player, it all ends up being about Matt Ryan when it comes to you bro... Why is that ??
  13. You said I'm trying to show some superiority ? What does that mean ? All I'm saying is you guys are showing a lot of hate toward a man that done a lot for this team. I hate that the guy is gone too, but I'm not going to sit here and make fun of him. You can get all mad all you want to I don't care , but me trying to say you guys are being rough on him doesn't mean I'm trying to be superior to anybody. That's a joke man
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