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  1. Good analysis.... I'm really hoping that the bills beat the chiefs. I really get sick of how the media just kisses the chiefs but so much.... And I really love the bills quarterback....Wouldn't mind seeing Brady go to another super bowl ..right now ,my eyes , the Packers are the best team in the league. I think the game falls upon AR ... I just hope for a good day of football..
  2. I know I say a lot of things about the way Matt Ryan's playing now, but I'm going to miss Matt Ryan he's a very good quarterback. Or I should say he was a very good quarterback. Probably no doubt the best quarterback that we've ever had. Although Mike Vick was definitely the most exciting but we know what happened there and I'm not going to get all into that. Although one thing early on Michael Turner really helped Matt Ryan. but yes I will miss Matt Ryan. One of the best draft picks we've ever made. Deion Sanders being the best. I just think the Matt Ryan that we all grew to love is not the s
  3. Did anyone really think watching Russell Wilson his first year think that he would become as good as he is ?? I got to be honest I didn't. but boy was I wrong.. not a Seahawks fan in any way, but you really can't help but pull for the guy he's a player..
  4. Exactly right... that's because my last account got banned.... Although I was able to read it but I couldn't post anything.... I got banned because I was criticizing Mike Smith.... that's funny right all the way back to the last year of Mike Smith is when I got banned...
  5. Haven't you been saying the same thing the past three years ?? And would you mind telling me what our records been the past three seasons ?? but let me explain this to you again... I'm not saying that Matt Ryan cannot be the quarterback next year or the next year... We have a chance to get a very good young quarterback for the future... What is wrong with that ??
  6. So wait until our QB , who is already in decline , gets a few years older and further declines , then draft our QB to start year 1 ??
  7. I can understand the desire for multiple picks , but why would you want to pass on a future starting QB ( maybe even a young Aaron Rodgers - like talent ) ?? The only conclusion I can come up with is that most of you think a new coach/GM will suddenly make us a playoff team next year. Or maybe Smith will have a Shanahan type of effect on Ryan. I don't see it. Ryan is in decline, Julio likes the sideline more then the playing field , plus we have to go through a whole new scheme. We are a few years away from being any threat .. get the future QB now , sit behind Ryan for a year .. maybe 2 ...Re
  8. Starting to see many Mocks where we may land our Future QB . ...but there is a problem... He may not be there at #4 ...... Here's hoping we get a little sunshine on our long , dark road ahead !!!
  9. Nooooo ... Please let Wilson be there at #4 .. we suffered so much this year let us have a little sunshine !!!!
  10. Are maybe I have my opinion that's different then yours ... Tell you this , we will see who gets drafted first. And again .. imo , Wilson is a middle first rd talent ...Fields , low 2cd or 3rd talent .. Unfortunately, we pick 4 and Wilson will be long gone before we pick again... also , rumors are the Jets may take Wilson at #2 ..
  11. Well unfortunately Fields only played half the games that Wilson did. My comparisons between both quarterbacks... Wilson reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers.. and Fields reminds me of DJ shockey.
  12. Wilson no doubt ... He's at a different level then Fields .. unfortunately the Bulldawg fans want Fields ...
  13. I'm glad you got a job. But I knew it wouldn't be as a head coach
  14. High level ?? Have to disagree .. he may play well at times ..but no longer on a consistent high level
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