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  1. No, and I didnt include you in that group. I didnt buy into the offseason, but I dont think that makes me part of that group I think if you re-read my post, I said I agree with your post. I just thought you were being hard on fans for being fans. You assign fandom to logic and being correct, I am telling you that fandom is exactly the opposite and expecting a fan not to be a fan is folly. Not all fans are your types of fans, just like not all fans are my type. Different strokes for different folks. Dont mean we aint both fans. Thats about how I see it.
  2. I actually agree with everything that you said here except for use of the term "fans are relegated". Relegate is an action being performed upon another. No one relegates themselves. If fans choose to see positives in a road loss to the reigning champs, they arent being relegated. They are just being fans. Fans dont have to be rational or even smart, they just have to be fans. Fans, by definition, tend to be FANatics and hence, a tad bit FANatical. We just came through an entire offseason of all the haters and trolls and busters and philosophers giving us every reason for us to doubt. The NFL season has begun. Let the fans be fans.
  3. I didnt understand why he was kicking off. We have the best onside kick kicker in the league and this MIzeel/punter/holder dude is kicking off
  4. My favorite part is where he said TI and Ludacris came on his show and represented the fans in Atlanta. Now I know my football opinion was represented by those guys I didnt realize it before, but now I seriously regret not taking Justin Fields. I was thinking wrong the whole time Steven A, Luda, TI are football gahds YO
  5. Anything that happened in 2007 should have an asterisk next to it. They looked even worse in 2019 opener vs Vikings, trailing 28-0 til Ryan got in late yards on a prevent defense made up of reserves. This game past Sunday vs Eagles, it seemed they just got overwhelmed,,, that game in 2019 seemed like they were tremendously unprepared and maybe didnt care.
  6. Matty has a potty mouth. Lets Go!
  7. Bright Spot: we have one of the best, most talented onside kicker the game has ever seen. The potential of him doinking off one of those tantalizing twisters is a special team's dream. The opposing team shakes in their boots lining up and wondering when one of these may be coming. Not so bright spot: He isnt on the kickoff team.
  8. Brees didnt play a play against the Falcons in 2020
  9. With so many rushes up the gut, I was truly hoping Smith would have schemed rollout opportunities for Ryan. I think Ryan can be effective rolling to either side. Not every play, but at least a sprinkle here or there would force the pass rush to think beyond targeting one spot on the field. There isnt enough time for the receivers to even begin their routes. Not sure if it was evident on TV, but at the stadium you could see the receivers just getting started and Ryan under duress.
  10. See, Mike Vicks dog isnt even a runnerup. I nominate Mike Vicks cousin, who gave the officer the address where the illegal dog ring was, and didnt show up for court causing the marshals to go looking for him at the house where Mike Vicks dog lived. Maybe Mike Vicks dog is honorable mention, but Mike Vicks cousin is true ROH.
  11. Julio probably wont even get into the ROH, let alone Mt Rushmore
  12. sometimes you go with the slider... sometimes you gotta bring the high and heavy heat... its a message board, he'll live
  13. I would expect a captain to know the rules and to yell out for the hands team to recover an onside kick rolling harmlessly in an empty stadium. So glad that captain aint a captain here no more. Great talent. not a captain.
  14. Its interesting cause neither did I, but when he makes the point that it was the most watched superbowl ever and that the election was parsed out as up and coming vs status quo (which depending on your leaning could tilt either way) and Atlanta as a city representing so much that was different from even the rest of Georgia... I did get it. The whole deal with the 9 pm turnaround in the election and the game, Trump actually tweeting that he was shutting off the game... for the rest of the country, that game was like reliving election night. It was a done deal... and then, it wasnt. As a Falcon fan, it felt familiar for a different reason as he had pointed out over and over in the previous episodes ... but for the non-Falcon follower, I could see how they saw it as election night relived. There is an SNL skit with Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock during election night ... if you change the topic, it feels a lot like they are talking the Falcons Super Bowl from a longtime fan's point of view.
  15. Seemed odd that he stuck with the old logo the entire time. Even spent several minutes focused on it. I wanted to tap the guy on the shoulder during one of those soliloquys waxing poetic about the logo and just say "dude, thats not the logo anymore" Overall though, its a good watch.. at the end, I am determined to beat the Saints twice this year... not sure what our overall record will be, but 2 wins vs Saints would be satisfying.
  16. the gif power is strong in this thread
  17. Public Service Announcement for First Timers with the roof open: If your seats are on the visitors side, make sure you bring shades or at least some sort of hat. There is a blazing ball of fire in the sky and with the weather predicted, it can really effect your experience, especially in the 1pm to 4pm timeframe. If it ends up being cloudy, it not quite as intense.
  18. High point of this version was the reference to Bountygate (never forget) and the brief look at the Cardinals history. WOW, being a Falcon fan is like living on Easy Street.
  19. and, its been discussed here exactly one day after DQ got his DC job lapping at the feet of Pete Carroll
  20. I swear, when he took that step at 1:14 in the film, I thought the Mercedes Benz monster had reached up and grabbed him... turns out he was just shifting gears. But I was satisfied and ready to get him out of the game.
  21. Its a pretty good review of the QBs and how they fit into the tiers entering 2021. Once you've been around a few more decades it will become abundantly clearer that the star on the helmet always notches perception... a lot.
  22. Most have no clue where Flowery Branch is and Uber service there is unreliable at best. That one streetlight comes on pretty early. AB planned well in choosing location and obviously had this fickle fanbase in mind.
  23. So much time spent on the video game aspects, kinda lost me there. Spoiler Alert: Bobby Petrino is the only HC who was never fired by the Falcons... didnt know that. Good trivia answer.
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