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  1. I thought the inside slant was the move, but he had something even more funky in mind.
  2. I think I remember something about that they had seen that coverage 2 weeks before and went with that same play but Ryan got sacked before Julio was able to get into position. Kuechly was able to roll back in coverage like that cause he had good speed and the defensive front for Carolina was nothing to mess with especially against the Falcons rag-tag OL. But, they figured if Ryan could roll to the left and get the ball off, they had a shot... it was a good rollout by Ryan and he had to get set for the release, but the catch reaching over Kuechly is what made the play How is this one not number 1? It destroyed a division rival's greatest season.
  3. As a QB, I'd take Matt Schaub over Taysom Hill.
  4. Actually, when you look at the last 3 games the falcons have played the Saints they have pretty much shut Thomas down. There was the one drive at the end of the first game in garbage time last year when the Saints were desperately trying to put a TD on the board (which failed with Thomas getting stopped on the 1) and Thomas had like 6 catches on that drive, but beyond that, the last 12 quarter the Falcons have held Thomas in check.
  5. This in a nutshell is the Sean Payton offense. They did it with a journeyman Pierre Thomas and Jimmy Graham from 2011-2014, and what was Grahams main argument during negotiations? He claimed the Saints were using him as a receiver so he should be paid as a receiver. MT and Kamara have more talent, but this is the same ol Sean Payton offensive philosophy without the deep ball... as noted in Fatboi's post, the Falcons have the talent to defend against this.
  6. That's actually very cool. It would be great if the team could somehow embody that spirit in its logos and merchandising. Which brings us to the other part of the equation, the city of Atlanta. Do the Braves imagery and merchandising gel with the spirit and evolution of a city who's branding has always been change, upward, flight, and an eye on the future? The whole Braves imagery is beginning to seem really outdated and stagnant and its a carryover from other towns that in a historical context dont mirror Atlanta at all.
  7. Its 2020 with all its historic glory and despite pandemic, the country is evolving. Everything is changing and Atlanta, as a leader in the South and state of mind of America today, is in the middle and forefront of the discussion and change. Which leads to the question, "is it time for a name change for the Braves?" How long will our baseball team reference a historically marginalized segment of the population as part of their marketing brand? Is there a reason why the Braves should keep the name in such a socially aware and forward thinking city?
  8. MT13 is Sanu with a lot more targets. Edelman with a lot more height. He would probably do well in the Patriots system.
  9. There is a solution. There is a really cool game called Madden. The players all receive ratings based on their skill levels and then put into an algorithm vs the skill level of the competition. Then, based on the human player skill level, those three calculative components are applied in a mathematic schema that determines the probability pattern for foreseeable outcomes thereby resulting in a regularly predictive result. The only difference is this is the NFL and players come as a whole package. Their history is often that unmeasured intangible that challenges the predictive equation, allows a player to dig deeper into himself to create their own desired outcome and motivate his teammates to find that level. If you remove history, backstory and there are no demographics, Madden is your game.
  10. "Embrace the Suck" ... DQ on a dreary dark day in 2017
  11. Statistics arent everything, but in a relatively healthy first 8 games, Beasley participated in 20 tackles. That's a solid 2.5 per game from a first round starter that was the focus of the defense.. 20 total tackles participated in through 8 games!!! Against the Eagles & Cardinals, he had 1 tackle in each game, against the Texans, he had ZERO. Beasley finished the season with 42 participation on tackles. In 2018, Duke Riley participated in 60 tackles and didnt start every game. Beasley was the single most thing that went wrong with the Falcons defense those first 8 games... they should have traded him at the deadline or before, for anything anybody was willing to give.
  12. " But when things have settled a bit, I will pursue as my primary goal in life the killer or killers who slaughtered Nicole and Mr. Goldman. They are out there somewhere. Whatever it takes to identify them and bring them in, I will provide somehow." -OJ Simpson after acquittal in double murder trial
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