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  1. This is a pretty good rundown on where the 2022 prospects stand going into 2021:
  2. Interesting because for the last 5 years his actions have shown a repeated approach to 1 year increment BACKUP QBs. Show me a QB that TF or AS has suggested as "must have draft picks" over the last 20 years and I will show you how they really think.
  3. Ive often wondered about the term OFFseason. If its scheduled, shouldnt it be ON? Seems to me that OFF season refers to events that arent on the schedule.
  4. As a WR4, Zaccheus offers a lot more potential, productivity and consistency than Hardy did. Hardy held that position FOREVER. Matt seems to have an affinity for OZ, it would have been interesting to see what he wouldve done with the reps that Ridley and Julios injuries would have given if he hadnt gotten injured himself first.
  5. Here is another likelihood, that actually has a higher probability than somebody sitting behind Ryan and "learning" and stepping in after 2-3 years: One of these guys: Joe Burrows, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovaolia will be either on the trade block or asking for a trade. All have starter experience. Dont believe me? Read the NFL headlines since 2021 began. The QB of the future is not at #4, not this year. Build a team around the QB now so the QB of the future has something to step into and hit the ground running.
  6. Yeah, thats just cause the teams he has played are stat-padders.
  7. Old bull - Young bull. Keep cranking out those 100 widgets a day. Old bull goes home happy, has a drink, ***** em all.
  8. In a way, I wish the Falcons would trade back before we even enter the draft season. Just find a partner and dance and make your move before NYJ or Miami and to be honest, those are the 2 teams I would start with. Both have draft capital to trade and a trade gives them a chance to stay with 2 top five picks this year... talk to Jax as well.
  9. Actually I always thought Kellerman was an excellent boxing analyst, he just ended up working with a lot of older guys, who never realized the game had passed them by. I really thought he had a solid future in boxing, but the sport got lazy and MMA stole center ring and Kellerman had to adjust. Dude was walking into a boxing gold mine when everyone else in the broadcasting side of the sport was dying out or too punch-drunk to be coherent ... but the actual sport failed him.
  10. and yet... I want this FO to be open to the phone call that suggests this. Most all of the comments here really are in reaction to what the Falcons would lose if they traded Grady. But what could they get back? If you were Falcon GM, what would be your price for someone like Grady cause everybody has a price and there are at least 30 GMs out there that may be willing to make an offer. I mean the Texans put it out there what it would take to get Watson, whats the going rate for a Grady? Maybe Atlanta can live without Grady.
  11. I always am taken back to Hard Knocks when Rico was a rookie, and he delivered the hit on somebody and was celebrating with another rook. It always struck me that Keith Armstrong got in his face about delivering a good solid hit and being happy. Then I just hear Mike Smith, "The Falcons are SOOOOFFFFTTT". Then Rico got cut. That whole scene just rubbed me the wrong way and when dude came back and switched positions and became a starter and leader of the defense. He was a true Falcon, he played for the TEAM.
  12. TF has been plucking veteran backups off the waiver wire and late trades practically every offseason for the past 20 years and has been successful at it. When he says BPA in the draft, he is not talking about a 3-4 year backup. Which accessible QB in this draft has the skillset to take this job from Ryan in the next 2 years?
  13. But, but but... we really NEED a backup QB with the #4 pick
  14. It was actually on NFL Top 100 for 2017, this clip hits part of it at the 2:50 mark, but there was a longer portion where Cam did say the ball gets released quick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30JS97BDQBo
  15. McCarhty's debut in Dallas wasnt stellar by any means, but there were injuries and covid and it was a new team and he was in his first year. But, if Q can get in there and rah-rah the defense and rah-rah the Jones family and McCarthy still doesnt show up, well we already have a former NFC champion HC on the payroll. Best of all, Q will listen and cater to Jerrah and run the team the way Jerrah says to run it and hype up the CowboyNation with fast and physical. In 2022, Q could easily be getting named HC of he Cowboys, the stars are already aligning for that dude.
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