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  1. Add to that, 5 straight years of philosophy based on attack. All gas, no brakes. Everyone on that offense is built for speed. Julio is a tendered Captain, did he say "not a good idea Matt, lets think about this"... Mack and Matthews are established veterans, did they say " maybe we just fall on the ball in a position for Koo to nail it, the Lions never block a kick" Did you see Matt on the 4th and 5 play, he was totally gung ho, these guys are built to succeed and push forward. the players are doing what they are paid to do. NO. Stop the madness. In order to slow down an off
  2. To further emphasize the failure of the defense, at no time in the final drive with no timeouts did Detroit get out of bounds to stop the clock. Comebacks take on many personalities, but usually there is at least one play that goes out of bounds to stop the clock. If not, then usually you cant point to a penalty along the way that stopped the clock... neither team had a penalty til there was no time left. Maybe we shouldve just onside kick and let Koo and Oluokun work their mojo after the Gurley touchdown.
  3. 2008... so many special games and memories. It was the Green Bay road game that turned it around for me. I was going to be working in Boston that week and so I flew up early that morning and found a sports bar. The Patriots were playing the 4pm game so when I walked in, I pretty much had the place to myself. The Falcons were off to a quick lead and I was there in my brand new Ryan jersey. After halftime, the bar started to fill with Patriots fans who were gathering for their game. They saw me in the Ryan Falcon jersey and smiled and nodded at me and a few came up and talked about Ryan
  4. If only there was a time in this teams history where having the #1 pick led to success within 5 years. If only the team chose to choose a once in a generation quarterback with that pick and saw a trip to the Super Bowl within 5 years. Or 10. Then maybe we could see a morsel of hope in the intellectual gibberish ... but alas, gibberish is still gibberish Here is my truth: I am an anti-tanker because I pay to go to every Falcons home game. I want them to win. When I follow the Falcons on the road, I want them to win there as well. Wins are more important to me because gameday
  5. someone said there is a longer video where he breaks out in laughter
  6. Carpenter reminded me a lot of everything that was wrong with the DanQuinn Falcons
  7. He was all over the place today. Guy is made of teflon. He survived the Purge. He's on the sideline almost as much as Arthur.
  8. Nice shot on 4th down twice. Way to be aggressive and controlled.
  9. So proud of this Wilson kid tonight
  10. Really positive perspective from Ice https://www.nfl.com/news/matt-ryan-not-worried-about-future-with-atlanta-falcons The Atlanta Falcons fired the GM who selected Matt Ryan in the first round and the coach he's been with the past six seasons. The former NFL MVP is aware of the tenuous nature of football life. "We rent these lockers; we don't own them," Ryan said, via the team's official website. "We have to go out and pay that rent and earn your spot day in and day out. Regardless of whether you're in Year 1 or Year 13, that's our responsibility as players all of
  11. He took a NFL team to the SuperBowl... sitting in front of a recruit, no other college coach can claim that... it made Pet carroll the great recruiter he was at USC. Plus all the things he does with the music, and brotherhood and the Navy Seals, I think DQ is perfect for the college game. Would love to see him go somewhere and have great success.
  12. Thats the dude who has the inside connection to the church that Arthur bulldozed to build his stadium. Artie known him since Artie used to hang on the westside selling hammers on the street corner. Dude aint going nowhere, he's a Falcon for Life.
  13. Yeah, Kubiak, Peterson and Payton were all QBs as well.
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