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  1. My thoughts are NO. I think AB did the classy thing to welcome him back as we were closing the Georgia Dome, that was significant closure. T The ROH raises his level of POSITIVE impact to the team to another level. There was positive impact, but it was outweighed and the negative weight set off a domino flow of doom that set the team back significantly. As a Falcon fan who has learned to embrace the suck, a HUGE part of that suckage is the MV7 story. Honoring it just doesnt seem to generate the appearance of a winning or honorable tradition. Its kinda like the confederate
  2. The city has actually done studies to try and figure out what the smell is. Turns out, its actually grease fat in the plumbing. I guess some time ago, somebody sold a bunch of faulty grease traps to the restaurant population and for years instead of trapping the fat and disposing it properly, it was just creating a lining on the pipes underground. Thats why its especially pungent when its warmer outside and sometimes New Orleans can get pretty **** hot. https://www.nola.com/news/politics/article_c5dad196-9d9f-505f-a9c6-ed4c924eec2c.html
  3. The city sucks. Your mother in law was probably in some tourist area. Dont accept her preconceived manufactured opinion as fact
  4. Thats not a mental picture, thats the end of the Dallas game last year.
  5. I think the mod's ALTs are starting them just so the mods can move them and show they are being busy
  6. In the spirit of being fair and equitable, this sort of deal only makes sense if we offer to pick up the salary of whatever they negotiate with Julio as well.
  7. There is more homerism in towns where there is really only one good team. In towns where there are multiple teams that are contending at the same time, the press is extremely negative all the time until the actual championship win. For a large part of the Patriots run, the RedSox were the bigger story in New England, and the press treated both teams equally brutal despite the multiple championship runs.
  8. And they all glossed over what may have been the most intriguing statement since they got rid of Julio and his heavy cap hit: “We could possibly make a trade in camp — you never know,” Smith said. “Everything is on the table.”
  9. Saints fan tribute on Julio leaving the NFC South
  10. Would an older, more disgruntled QB actually make ticket sales soar?
  11. Roddy over Julio just because he tormented the Saints so much. Mention Julio to a Saints fan and they are just sort of meh. Mention Roddy to a Saints fan and they get all up in their gumbo. Tuggle, Ryan and Nobis and I got a Rushmore I can live with.
  12. I remember hearing a stat back then that in all the playoff games under Mike Smith, the offense had only averaged 4 points in the fourth quarter and averaged 2.5 turnovers. Since most of the games ended up pretty close, this would probably prove to be a trend to identify as being somewhat important I want to say that I looked it up and verified it to be true, but I dont even know where to find that kind of data point anymore without about a dozen cookies acknowledgement clicks.. got no time for that.
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