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  1. Bro that does hurt bad! They got the brand new s550 Benz we might of settled for the beat up Honda Civic lol but in all seriousness I’m not trying to let myself give up on the only bright spot on defense. I’ve never seen this soft of a defense🤦🏾‍♂️
  2. I get it KC has had a lot of success as of late... but crap I hate everything about that franchise! I don’t want the Atlanta falcons trying to copy their success that worked for their team. I’ve seen it with us shanny comes in creates an historic offense Ryan the best qb tht year.... he leaves we try to replicate that offense with a recovering alcoholic and it never is the same. So what I’m saying is we don’t need to start hiring a whole bunch of people from the chiefs organization
  3. Bro IMO takk has been our best player when he’s been on the field.... which hasn’t been much..... but he’s a KEEPER for sure not on no crazy big contract but dude can get to the qb.... I don’t get it with some of you we finally get a good young pass rusher y’all want him gone. This whole team looks like it’s made of glass get the training and conditioning coach’s fired!!!😂😂💯
  4. You not lying!! Everything looks a lot better than Quinn’s bum ***
  5. Ay y’all I really don’t like harbaugh but I see him being exactly wat we need. Tough stand up guy will never have our defense looking like this!
  6. Bro ha ha Clint dix is still a free agent??? WTH are we doing
  7. This secondary is trash... start of the season I would of thought safety would be our better position group... but they have been a@@
  8. I’m used to it now... et can come in fairly cheap but this front office is inept at adding talent.fire Quinn!!!!
  9. This franchise always decides to stick with their players. They know ET comes in and is hands down best player in our secondary. But no td will stick with kazee and Allen
  10. You have a great point it’s rarely worked on in practice.... and Yu can really tell out there not like in the 80s and 90s they were having full contact practices
  11. Yea we don’t know I’m guessing he meant pray on a better season
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