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  1. Well that was not what I was hoping to read. What about just last season? He is young lets say he just finally put it together! Thanks really thought provoking stat. Suppose would be interesting to see year on year progression. Could use it to track ages pass rushers peak and see who is trending in the right and wrong directions.
  2. Hi Kayoh. Great work its interesting the numbers here match the eye test for the best edge rushers for the most part. This makes me a little concerned re Fowler. Would it be possible to give us his % based only on games played the last 2 seasons?
  3. Hey first ever post long time reader. I keep seeing people use the video of Chase getting the better of AJ to show why he was a bad draft choice. Chase seems to be a potentially elite receiver. As this video proves elite reveivers can have there way with even great cornerbacks in the right situation. I dont think anyone would have complained about having Peterson on this roster.
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