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  1. I think we gotta be thinking linebacker for this next pick
  2. He was a guard in peewee football. Dominated.....just sayin
  3. Whichever one can play guard the best. Hold that down until Mack is gone
  4. Hennessy will be the Falcons next pick.
  5. Perhaps after June 1st there will be more desirable LBers
  6. Anyone think Falcons grab a center with the next pick?
  7. I like we are building the defense with two solid picks. I fully expect next pick to be offense unless we really like a linebacker. Tired of sub-par offense go up and down the field on us.
  8. I really really like Blacklock. Hope is the choice.
  9. I think they meant change his jersey to #1
  10. Round peg in round hole. Perfect fit! Nobody wants AJ to succeed more than my tormented Falcons a@@. Been rollin and cryin since 79’.
  11. Position of need ranked: LB toss up S Mckinney if available DE Uche/Anai RB Swift/Taylor
  12. He will be solid........ solid waste!!! For real though I am ok with the pick. It addresses a glaring need and I think he will help our defense exponentially.
  13. Dimitroff 2020 “Make the Falcons Great Again” your car needs this bumper sticker.
  14. Not super excited about the pick but not too upset at it either as I feel we needed a cb in the worst way. Not gonna lie I was hoping we picked CeeDee Lamb but tbh it was not a true position of need. oh and just so you can say u heard it here first “AJ terrible”.
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